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Why do birds have a Type 2 survivorship curve?

Many bird species have a Type II survivorship curve. In a Type II curve, organisms die more or less equally at each age interval. Organisms with this type of survivorship curve may also have relatively few offspring and provide significant parental care.


Just so, what does it mean to have a Type 2 survivorship curve?

A type II survivorship curve shows a roughly constant mortality rate for the species through its entire life. This means that the individual’s chance of dying is independent of their age. Type II survivorship curves are plotted as a diagonal line going downward on a graph.

Beside above, what animal has a Type 1 survivorship curve? mammals

What does a tree trunk represent?

Thereof, what organisms have a Type 2 survivorship curve?

In contrast, the Type II curve considers birds, mice, and other organisms characterized by a relatively constant mortality or survivorship rate throughout their life expectancies. Certain lizards, perching birds, and rodents exhibit this type of survivorship curve.

What type of survivorship curve do elephants have?

Elephants have a Type I survivorship curve (mortality increases with age), and fecundity decreases with age.

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