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Why can’t I delete podcast episodes from iTunes library?

Change podcast settings in iTunes on PC — If the podcasts don’t have their own settings, change iTunes for Windows Podcasts settings. If these are episodes you’ve already played turn on “Delete Played Episodes”. If you’re still unable to delete podcast episodes, restart your PC, and see if it works now.
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How do I delete old podcast episodes?

  1. Go to your Podcasts history in My Activity.
  2. Choose what you want to delete: All your Podcasts history: Below the search bar, tap Delete. Specific day: Next to the day, tap Delete all activity from [day] . Specific activity: Below the activity, tap Details at the top, tap More Delete.

How do I remove all podcast episodes from the library?

If you’d like to delete multiple episodes, you can tap the edit button in the upper right hand corner of the screen which will allow you to select multiple episodes to delete.

How do I delete Podcasts from iTunes on Mac?

  1. Open the Podcasts view inside of iTunes. (Press Command + 4 for quick access.)
  2. Right-click (or control-click) on the podcast that you wish to delete in the sidebar.
  3. Select the Delete option from the contextual menu.
  4. In the window that appears, select “Delete.”

How do I delete Podcasts from iTunes on Windows?

If it is unsubscribed, navigate to the podcast in your library by highlighting it under Library > Podcasts in iTunes. On the right-hand pane where it lists the podcast information and episodes, right-click then select ‘Delete from Library.

How do I delete podcast Storage on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > General > iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Storage > Podcasts. There, you can see exactly which shows you have downloaded episodes of and how much space they consume. Swipe left on a show to reveal a Delete button that lets you remove all downloaded episodes at once.

How do you delete Podcasts from iPhone?

  1. Launch the Podcasts app.
  2. Find the podcast with the episode you wish to delete.
  3. Once you’ve selected the podcast with the episode you wish to delete from the “Listen Now” tab, swipe left. …
  4. Tap “Delete.”

How do I stop Podcasts from taking up Storage?

  1. Find out apps that you use the least or don’t use at all and delete them.
  2. Keep your photos and videos in a cloud like iCloud or Google Drive.
  3. Delete your podcast or music you don’t listen to anymore.
  4. Clear out your notifications.

How do I mass delete Podcasts on Mac?

To select multiple episodes that aren’t next to each other, press and hold the Command key, then click each episode you want to remove. Delete all downloaded episodes for a show: Hold the pointer over the show, click the More button , then click Remove Downloads.

How do I delete next podcast?

Episodes play from top to bottom. Touch and hold on the three lines next to the episode’s name, then drag and drop the podcast where you want it to be. To remove an episode, swipe left on the episode, then tap Remove.

How do I delete Podcasts from Apple podcast connect?

  1. Visit Apple’s Podcasts Connect portal.
  2. Log in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click on your show’s artwork.
  4. Click the Delete Podcast link at the bottom of the page.

Why can’t I delete Podcasts from my iPhone 2021?

On the iPhone, try Settings->General->iPhone Storage->Podcasts That will list episodes still downloaded on your device. You should be able to delete from there.

How do I clean up my podcast Storage?

Open the Podcasts app, tap My Podcasts at the bottom of the screen and then tap the gear-shaped Settings icon near the show’s title to get to the controls. Tapping the three-dot icon next to a show in the app’s Unplayed Episodes lists offers a Remove Download option you can use for cleaning up, too.

How do I edit my next podcast on Apple?

  1. Play an episode (or chapter within an episode) in the queue: Click the episode or chapter. …
  2. Change the order of episodes you manually added to the queue: Drag episodes with the Reorder button .

How do I delete next 2021 podcast?

how do you delete episodes from the “up next” list and still keep the channel in my library. Set a Limit Episodes in the Show settings to a small number like Most Recent or 2. Begin to play the episode then move the slider all the way to the right.

How do I change my Apple podcast settings?

Go to Settings > Podcasts. Turn on Remove Played Downloads (under Episode Downloads). Or, to adjust this setting for a particular podcast you follow, touch and hold the show’s artwork on the Library screen, tap Settings, then turn on Remove Played Downloads.

Why are podcast episodes unavailable?

The issue is that with new software updates to the iPhone or iPod the podcast files must also be updated. Apparently part of the podcast download file needs to be re-written in order to be compatible with the newest Apple software update.

How do I delete multiple podcast episodes from my iPhone?

  1. Open the Podcasts App.
  2. Open My Podcasts.
  3. Select the Podcast That You Want to Trim Down.
  4. Tap on Edit (This will show you the episodes in list form. Check all the ones that you want to delete)
  5. Tap on Delete.

Can’t delete podcast from up next?

  1. Tap on a podcast.
  2. Tap on “Clear Up Next” if prompted.
  3. Then scroll up on the Now Playing screen and note that the rest of the podcasts in that podcast feed or station are also listed in the queue.

Is Apple fixing podcast app?

While Apple is yet to fix some of the most obvious issues with its Podcasts application, a new report suggests that Spotify is poised to take over Apple’s offering this year. So it’s clear Apple isn’t doing something right and needs to step up.

Where is up next in Apple Podcasts?

Now that you’re on this screen showing a single, currently playing episode, click the menu button to the right of the “advance 15 seconds” icon – this pulls up the “Up Next” menu.

How do I limit the number of episodes on a podcast?

  1. Under Episodes, tap Custom Settings.
  2. Under Custom, select Limit Episodes.
  3. Select the number of recent episodes to keep.
  4. Return to the Settings menu and tap Done.

Do Podcasts take up space on iPhone?

If you listen to a lot of podcasts on your iPhone and iPad, especially downloaded podcasts for offline listening, chances are they’re gradually taking up valuable storage space on your device. Fortunately, you can clear this data whenever you want and with ease.

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