Who is President Trump’s assistant?

Born: October 8, 1990, Newport Beach, California


Accordingly, who is Donald Trump’s assistant?

Rhona Cheryl Graff is a long-standing executive assistant to Donald Trump and senior vice-president of the Trump Organization. She worked at Trump Tower in New York City for nearly thirty years prior to Trump’s election to the United States Presidency, and has been described as Trump’s ‘gatekeeper’.

Secondly, what did Tiffany Trump say? 2016 presidential campaign During her speech, Tiffany said of her unfamiliarity with the situation: “Please excuse me if I’m a little nervous. When I graduated college a couple of months ago, I never expected to be here tonight addressing the nation.

In respect to this, who is President Trump’s body man?

John David McEntee II is expected to head the U.S. Presidential Personnel Office in U.S. President Donald Trump‘s administration.

Who is on Trump’s staff?

Confirmation process timeline

hideCabinet confirmation process
Office Name Announcement
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo March 13, 2018
Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin November 30, 2016
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis December 1, 2016


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