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Which seats are covered at Budweiser stage?

Which seats are covered at Budweiser stage?

5,500 seats are available under the roof in the first three sections of seating. The last section of seating at the back is in the open air and seats 3,500. The lawn can hold an additional 7,000 people comfortably. That’s a lot of people!

What is lawn general admission?

General Admission (GA) refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

What’s the capacity of the Budweiser stage?


Is the Budweiser stage in Toronto outdoors?

It mostly has an outdoor configuration. There is a high-covered roof under which there are 5500 seats, and then there are around 3500 seats available under the open sky. There is also the availability of around 7000 seats on the grass bowl.

What band has played the Budweiser stage the most times?

alt-country-rock vets have played the most shows at the lakeside venue more than any other artist with 19 performances over its 25-year history dating back to when it began life as the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in 1995.

What was Budweiser stage before?

the Molson Amphitheatre

Does General admission mean standing?

The general admission floor is a standing-room-only space in front of the stage. With no assigned seats, the area is first come, first serve, and tends to be the center for rowdy dance pits and crowd-surfers galore.

Are Pit tickets more expensive?

Pit tickets almost sound like an old school “mosh pit”, but is essentially an area closed off around the stage that pit tickets holders are allowed into. Again, closest to the stage. These are also GA and usually the most expensive in the venue.

Are pit seats good?

Pit Tickets The most lively area of any concert venue is in the pit. However, with pit tickets, you have the risk of getting stuck behind someone much taller than you, making seeing the concert a challenge. If you are willing to wait in line and not have a predetermined seat, the pit is perfect for you!

How old do you have to be to be in the pit at a concert?

Concerts that require ticket buyers to be 18+ would. But for most concerts, there isn’t an age restriction to the pit. Just be careful! over a year ago.

How early should you show up to a concert?

Your arrival time really depends on your tickets. If you have general admission tickets, I would recommend getting there around 16:00. That way you can ensure you are towards the front of the line entering the dome and get a great spot. If you have assigned seats, just get there when the doors open.

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