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Which railway station is near to Mehandipur Balaji?

Which railway station is near to Mehandipur Balaji?

Bandikui is the closest railway station from the temple, and this station is very well connected to most other railway stations around the country. After getting off the train, you will have to travel for around 50 min to reach Mehandipur Balaji Temple.

Can we visit Mehandipur Balaji?

The place is aprox 250 KM from Delhi, 50 KM from Dausa, on Agra jaipur route. Tuesday and Saturday are special days and attract lot of visitors. The devotees who wants to have simple darshan of Balaji are advised to visit temple between 1 pm to 4:30 pm, as the temple will be generally vacant.

What is the story behind Mehandipur Balaji?

Balaji is a name of a local deity which is identified with Hanuman, the monkey god who was an ardent follower of the god Rama in the Ramayana epic. In local tradition, Balaji is believed to have a special power of exorcising ghosts from humans. This is why people believed to be possessed are brought to the temple.

What is Balaji famous for?

The temple is dedicated to lord hanuman, who is also known as Balaji. Mehandipur Balaji is an extraordinary pilgrimage site as it is believed that the shrine is bestowed with miraculous powers that can heal a person possessed by evil spirits.

How can I reach Mehandipur Balaji by train?

Indian Railways is the most convenient transportation to reach Mehandipur Balaji Dham. Bandikui Railway Station is 225 km far from New Delhi Station, 89 km far from Jaipur station, and 60 km from Alwar Railway Station. There are many trains running from Jaipur, Delhi, Alwar, Bharatpur to Bandikui Railway Station.

What is difference between Salasar Balaji and Mehandipur Balaji?

Salasar Balaji is located in the Churu district of Rajasthan, around 170 kms from Jaipur and 300 kms from Delhi. There’s another Balaji temple in Rajasthan called Mehandipur Balaji which is famous for, hold your breath, involuntary exorcisms.

Is Balaji and Hanuman same?

The name Balaji is applied to Shri Hanuman in several parts of India because the childhood (Bala in Hindi or Sanskrit) form of the Lord is especially celebrated there. The temple is dedicated to Balaji (another name for Shree Hanuman Ji).

Who built Mehandipur Balaji temple?

Temple Construction As the legend goes, an 11th century Saint Ganesh Puri Ji’s ancestor dreamt of Lord Balaji telling him to build a temple for three powers: Ghate Wale Balaji, Pretraj Sarkar and Bhero Nath. The temple was constructed at the place where there used to be a forest in the past.

Is Hanuman and Balaji same?

Which is the first railway station in Rajasthan?

It is one of the earliest railway stations in northern India and also was the destination of steam locomotives. The first train in Rajasthan ran from Bandikui Junction to Agra Fort, started in April 1874 by the colonial government in India….

Bandikui Junction railway station
Division(s) Jaipur
Electrified Yes

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