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Which airport is closer to Whittier?

Which airport is closer to Whittier?

Long Beach
The nearest airport to Whittier is Long Beach (LGB) Airport which is 12.9 miles away. Other nearby airports include Los Angeles (LAX) (21.8 miles), Santa Ana (SNA) (23 miles), Burbank (BUR) (23.7 miles) and Ontario/San Bernardino (ONT) (25.7 miles).

What airport do I fly into for Orange County California?

John Wayne Airport
When you want to travel to Anaheim, California, you can’t get any more convenient than John Wayne Airport-Orange County (SNA).

What is the closest major airport to Menifee California?

Ontario/San Bernardino
The nearest airport to Menifee is Ontario/San Bernardino (ONT) Airport which is 34.8 miles away. Other nearby airports include Indio/Palm Springs (PSP) (37.4 miles), Santa Ana (SNA) (41.4 miles), San Diego (SAN) (69.3 miles) and Los Angeles (LAX) (74.4 miles).

What airports does Southwest fly into in California?

In California, Southwest serves the metro areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento. In addition to serving San Francisco’s main airport, Southwest travels to Oakland and San Jose airports. In Southern California, Southwest services LAX, as well as airports in Orange County, Burbank, San Diego and Ontario.

Does Southwest fly out of Orange County?

Southwest Airlines is proud to serve John Wayne Airport Orange County. If you are looking to trek north up the California coast or slip the state line and head east, you’ll find convenient flights from Southwest out of Orange County/Santa Ana that get you where you need to go.

How far is Menifee CA from airport?

The distance between Menifee and Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is 74 miles.

What is the best airline to fly to California?

Which airlines fly to California? United Airlines, Delta & American Airlines fly the most frequently from the United States to California.

Do you need a Covid test to fly to Orange County?

Testing is open to travelers as well as community members, with results available within 15-30 minutes. Some airlines and travel destinations require a PCR test from an approved partner. Be sure to verify that the Hoag COVID-19 Rapid Test qualifies. Cost per test is $139.

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