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Where did Sikhism diffuse to?

In response, Nanak embarked on five major journeys, referred to as Udasis. In doing so, he traveled to places like Baghdad, Mecca, and Medina of the Arabian Peninsula and Bengal, Assam, Kashmir, and Tamil Nadu of India.

Consequently, how is Sikhism diffused?

Many Gurus helped Sikhism diffuse since they traveled Asia as missionaries. This is an example of Relocation Diffusion. With the modernization of the world, many Sikhs began being drafted into the British Military and being stationed in places such as Hong Kong and Malaya.

Also, how did Sikhism develop? The Sikh faith began around 1500 CE, when Guru Nanak began teaching a faith that was quite distinct from Hinduism and Islam. Nine Gurus followed Nanak and developed the Sikh faith and community over the next centuries. Sikhism was well established by the time of Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru.

Then, where is Sikhism practiced today?

Sikhism can be found predominantly in the Punjab state of India but Sikh communities exist on every inhabited continent, with the largest emigrant population being in United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Did Sikhism originated from Hinduism?

Hinduism and Sikhism are Dharmic religions that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. Hinduism is an older religion, while Sikhism was founded in the 15th-century by Guru Nanak. In the days of the Mughal Empire, the Sikh community came to the defence of Hindus who were being forcibly converted to Islam.

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