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What was Carroll O Connor’s political affiliation?

While O’Connor’s personal politics were liberal, he understood the Bunker character and played him not only with bombast and humor but with touches of vulnerability.
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Was Carroll O’Connor a liberal?

Carroll O’Connor was a bona fide liberal: a strong supporter of civil rights, opponent of the war in Vietnam and a proud champion of labor unions. But his character could be used to attract the more conservative blue-collar support that Lindsay needed.

Did Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton get along?

They were in love; she was in love with this man.” When asked about her working relationship with O’Connor, Stapleton said they worked very well together.

Was Carroll O’Connor like Archie Bunker?

Carroll O’Connor and Archie Bunker were opposites For some people, Archie Bunker was a horrible bigot. At the same time, others saw him as somewhat who told it like it was. However, the nature of the character cut deeper than that.

Was Archie Bunker a liberal?

Archie is a Republican and an outspoken supporter of Richard Nixon, as well as an early (1976) supporter of Ronald Reagan; he correctly predicts Reagan’s election in 1980.

Why did Edith leave the Archie Bunker show?

Edith loses her job at the Sunshine Home in 1979 (for violating company policy by allowing a terminally ill woman to die and failing to inform the staff), but in an early episode of Archie Bunker’s Place, she finds a similar caretaker’s job at a mental health facility.

Why did Archie Bunker wear rings on middle finger?

What is the significance of the rings? A: O’Connor, who played Archie Bunker on “All in the Family” from 1971-79, wore his grandfather’s diamond ring on the middle finger of his right hand for sentimental reasons, “People” reported in 1975.

Is Carroll Oconnor dead?

June 21, 2001

Who is Carroll O’Connor married to in real life?

Nancy Fields O’Connor

Did Jean Stapleton attend Carroll O Connor’s funeral?

Jean Stapleton, who played Bunker’s wife, Edith, was not at the funeral. “It doesn’t feel the same. I shared such an incredible time and space with Carroll.” Actor Richard Crenna said O’Connor will be missed.

How old was Archie Bunker?

Archie Bunker’ dead at 76.

How old was Carroll O’Connor during Archie Bunker?

He was 32-years-old. 5. He first played Archie three years before All In The Family premiered. O’Connor first caught Norman Lear’s eye as a blustery general in Blake Edwards’ What Did You Do In The War, Daddy? (1966).

Did Carroll O Connor’s son play in the heat of the night?

Hugh Edward Ralph O’Connor (April 7, 1962 – March 28, 1995) was an Italian-born American actor known for his role as James Flynn in the 1984 film Brass and his portrayal of Lonnie Jamison on In the Heat of the Night until his death in 1995. He was the adopted son of American actor Carroll O’Connor.

Is Nancy O’Connor still living?

November 10, 2014

What accent did Archie Bunker have?

The traditional New York accent, or Brooklynese — the accent of Archie Bunker, Travis Bickle and Mona Lisa Vito, Marisa Tomei’s fast-talking character in “My Cousin Vinny” — was once regarded as the height of sophistication.

Why did Mike and Gloria divorce?

They appear in a Christmas episode during the 1978–79 season, in which Archie, Edith, and Edith’s niece Stephanie visit Michael and Gloria, exposing the fact that the couple have secretly separated due to troubles in their marriage, including Gloria’s infidelity with one of Michael’s college faculty colleagues.

Why was All in the Family Cancelled?

ABC cancelled it after one episode, worried about a show with a foul-mouthed, bigoted character as the lead. CBS, which was trying to veer away from rural shows like Mayberry R.F.D., The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction and Green Acres, bought the rights to the urban comedy and renamed it All in the Family.

What illness did Edith have on All in the Family?

What Archie does not know is that Edith has come down with an acute case of phlebitis, and that she was told to stay off her feet. Edith does not want to tell Archie, afraid she will let him down. Finally, Edith’s phlebitis catches up with her, and she tells Archie she cannot walk, and to call Dr. Shapiro.

Why doesnt Archie Bunker wear a wedding ring?

A: O’Connor, who played Archie Bunker on “All in the Family” from 1971-79, wore his grandfather’s diamond ring on the middle finger of his right hand for sentimental reasons, “People” reported in 1975.

How many seasons of All in the Family was there?


What did Archie Bunker do for a living?

Archibald “Archie” Bunker is a Queens, New York dockworker/cabdriver in the 1970s top-rated CBS television sitcom series All in the Family and its spin-off Archie Bunker’s Place, played to acclaim by Carroll O’Connor.

Are Hugh O’Connor and Carroll Oconnor related?

Carroll O’Connor thought his life was over when his only son, Hugh O’Connor, committed suicide at 32 in 1995 after a long battle with drug addiction. “Nothing will give me any peace,” said the actor, best known for his iconic role as Archie Bunker on All in the Family.

Is Hugh O’Connor related to Carroll O Connor?

Hugh was born in Rome, Italy, and adopted by actor Carroll O’Connor and his wife, Nancy. At the age of 16, Hugh was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, but conquered it with the help of chemotherapy.

How much did Carroll O’Connor make on All in the Family?

Spent some time at the Juilliard School of Fine Arts as an acting and dialogue professor. Earned a reported $250,000 a week for “All in the Family” (1971) in 1980. Father of Hugh O’Connor.

What was Carroll O Connor’s favorite role?

If you asked him to name his all-time favorite role, you might have expected him to say a certain bigot who lived in Queens. Instead, at the end of his long career, O’Connor considered Chief William “Bill” Gillespie – his starring role in the crime drama In The Heat Of The Night – his favorite.

Why did Carroll O’Connor leave in the heat of the night?

O’Connor missed the end of season two due to illness. O’Connor was diagnosed with a life-threatening coronary artery blockage during season two and underwent sextuple bypass, forcing him to miss four episodes.

What happened to Carroll O Connor’s wife?

Nancy O’Connor, the widow of All in the Family star Carroll O’Connor, died Nov. 10 at her Malibu home after suffering for a decade from Alzheimer’s, the Missoulian newspaper reported. She was 84.

What was the cause of death for Carroll O Connor?


How old was Hugh O’Connor when he died?

32 years (1962–1995)

Why did Jean Stapleton died on the show?

Natural causes

How old is Sally Struthers now?

74 years (July 28, 1947)

How old is Edith Bunker?

Character Background. Edith Bunker was a native of New York City. She was born in October 1927 and died in her sleep of a stroke in September 1980, at age 52.

How much is Archie Bunker’s chair worth?

Archie Bunker’s iconic $8 chair.

Where is Hugh O Connor’s son?

Hugh O’Connor, an actor and the only son of the television star Carroll O’Connor, died of a gunshot wound at his home here on Tuesday. He was 33. The police called the death a suicide and said they had found a note. A crisis negotiator and members of a Police Department special weapons team found Mr.

Was Edith Bunker on Everybody Loves Raymond?

Born Jeanne Murray in 1923, she established herself on Broadway in such shows as “Damn Yankees,” “Funny Girl” and “Bells Are Ringing.” Post-Edith, she appeared on such shows as “Scarecrow and Mrs. King,” “Murphy Brown,” “Grace Under Fire” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

How old was Sally Struthers in All in the Family?

74 years (July 28, 1947)

What is the name of Carroll O Connor’s son?

Hugh O’Connor

What happened to Lonnie on In the Heat of the Night?

Lonnie Jamison was played by the late Hugh O’Connor, the adopted son of Carroll O’Connor. The younger O’Connor struggled with drugs and committed suicide in 1995. The final TV movie of the series, Grow Old Along with Me was aired two months after O’Connor’s death and dedicated to his memory.

Who was Jean Stapleton married to?

William H. Putch

Who played Edith Bunker?

Voiced by

Who is Hugh O Connor’s son?

Sean Carroll O’Connor

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