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What server does Chromebook use?

The Chromebook’s code is based on the Samba file server.Samba is a set of Windows interoperability programs thatprovide secure, stable and fast file and print services for allclient operating systems using the SMB/Common Internet File System(SMB/CIFS) protocol.

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Just so, what is a Chromebook best used for?

Instead of Windows 10 or macOS, Chromebooks runGoogle’s Chrome OS. These machines are designed to beused primarily while connected to the Internet, with mostapplications and documents living in the cloud. Chromebookshave done quite well in the education market, but their appeal hasbroadened.

Furthermore, can you run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook? How to install and run Microsoft Office on aChromebook. To use Office on your Chromebook,install the Office mobile apps through the Google PlayStore. If your Chromebook uses the Chrome Web Store instead,you can install Office Online to create, edit, andcollaborate on your Office files in yourbrowser.

Herein, what files do Chromebooks run?

According to Google, these are the types of filesChrome OS supports: Microsoft Office files: .doc, .docx,.xls, .xlsx, .ppt (read-only), .pptx (read-only). Media: .3gp,.avi, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .mp3, .mkv, .ogv, .ogm, .ogg, .oga,.webm, .wav. Images: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png,.webp.

What are the benefits of a Chromebook?

Advantages of a Chromebook computer include:

  • Lightweight OS.
  • Long battery life.
  • Optimized for Google apps.
  • Fast boot times.
  • Browser-based simplicity.
  • Extremely thin and light.
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