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What is the name of the song on aquamarine when they dance?

What is the name of the song on aquamarine when they dance?

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Q: The girls want Aqua to dance with the lifeguard at the beach party. They request the singer/guitar player in the band to play a specific song. What is the name of that song? (from LT in California)
A: It’s called “Island in the Sun” by Weezer (thanks to Vollie, USA) add more info

How old were JoJo and Emma Roberts in Aquamarine?

Pop artist JoJo began singing at age two, performed a stage version of “Tommy” at six, had a No. 1 single at 13, and now at 15, she’s making her silver screen debut with the comedy “Aquamarine.” In the film, she plays Hailey, a tomboy who is about to move to Australia, away from her best friend Claire (Emma Roberts).

How old are the aquamarine girls?

AQUAMARINE focuses on two smart, mostly sensible 13-year-olds at the end of their last summer together. Claire (Emma Roberts), who lives at a small Florida resort with her grandparents, and Hailey (pop singer Joanna “JoJo” Levesque) are discovering the joys of boys, or at least the idea of boys.

Who is the band in the movie aquamarine?

Who is the band in the movie aquamarine? Band is on stage Brophy ( @ weezer_babe ) Weezer, formed in 1992 Aquamarine [ ]!

What movie is the song island in the sun?

Mr. Deeds
Island in the Sun/Movie

Will there be an Aquamarine 2?

In short, the main reason why there’s no sequel to the Aquamarine movie is that this wasn’t based on a book series, but just a standalone novel.

Are Sara Paxton and Emma Roberts friends?

“They are best friends and they find a mermaid in their swimming pool. … In real life, the stars insist, there are no such things as mermaids — just actresses in really tight outfits. “She looked really good in it,” Roberts promised, soliciting a “Thank you, Emma” from Paxton.

What happened to Claire’s parents in Aquamarine?

History. Claire’s parents were a loving couple. When they were out on their blue boat, Aquamarine saw them look at each other lovingly, which caused Aqua to believe in love. They drowned at sea, hence the reason for Claire’s former fear of water.

What are the songs on the Aquamarine soundtrack?

Aquamarine does have plenty of more typical teen pop, such as Nikki Cleary ‘s “Summertime Guys” and the Jonas Brothers’ “Time for Me to Fly,” but even the poppiest songs have a few twists: Nikki Flores ‘ “Strike” has a Latin flair, while Courtney Jaye ‘s “Can’t Behave” has an irresistible twang.

How did Raymond and aquamarine meet in the movie?

Aquamarine and Raymond bond at a local dance but she is forced to leave since she transforms back at sunset. Before departing, she kisses him and asks him to meet her on the pier in the morning. Cecilia follows the three girls to the water tower where Aquamarine is staying, and discovers her secret.

Who is the main character in the movie Aquamarine?

Aquamarine (character) Aquamarine is the main protagonist, and the main mermaid, in the film by the same name. She is played by actress Sarah Paxton. Aqua is her nickname, given to her first by Raymond.

Why do the girls in aquamarine love Hailey?

When Aquamarine asks why, they respond that they love her. The power of the girls’ friendship finally convinces Aquamarine’s father of true love’s existence and the storm abates. The girls receive their wish but decide to not use it to keep Hailey from moving away as her mother worked hard for it.

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