What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Fire Red?

Best Team for Pokemon Fire Red and Leafgreen! Venusaur is the best starter because it can do super effective damage or tank hits from 6 out of the 8 gyms and does pretty good against your rival and the elite 4. Its stats are very good, 115 speed,100 sp. atk, and decent defenses at 85 each.
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What is the best legendary Pokemon in fire red?

Method: The strongest Pokemon, Mewtwo, makes its home at the end of the treacherous Cerulean Cave.

What is the best non legendary Pokemon in fire red?

Charizard (Fire, Flying, Rock) Jolteon (Electric) Lapras (Water, Ice) Dragonite (Dragon, Flying)

Which fighting Pokemon should I choose in fire red?

After you have beaten the Karate Master, you will be given the choice of one of two rare Fighting Pokémon: Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. You can only get one of the two, so choose wisely. Since Hitmonchan’s Special rating sucks, it’s probably a good idea to pick the lightning fast Hitmonlee. How do you get the second one?

What is the fastest Pokemon in FireRed?

Voltorb. Additional Comments: Is the fastest Pokémon available in the game and learns Selfdestruct upon level up.

Is Zubat good in FireRed?

Depending on how far you are, he’s excellent for erika and the fighting dojo, but I found it tough to keep him leveled through koga, sabrina, and Blaine. Still okay but I only kept him on the team because he was shiny, there’s better options.

Where is deoxys in Fire Red?

Birth Island (Japanese: たんじょうのしま Birth Island) is a location near Six and Seven Islands in the Sevii Islands, accessible in Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. The Mythical Pokémon Deoxys dwells on this island.

Is lugia in Fire Red?

There are not a whole lot of places to find Lugia once you’ve missed the event needed to catch it in Fire Red. However, you can get Lugia in Gold, Silver, and Pokémon XD, though a little work is required to transfer it to Fire Red.

Where is Mewtwo in Fire Red?

In order to find Mewtwo, go to the open cave in the top left corner of Cerulian city, use a Pokemon to surf to the entrance, and make your way through the maze. At the end, you will see Mewtwo.

What is the best flying type in fire red?

4 Answers. Dodrio is Kanto’s best offensive normal flyer. With tri attack and drill peck, they have two great physical STABs, to fully exploit that high speed and attack. Doduo can be picked up right before getting Fly, so it flows nicely as well.

Is scyther worth it fire red?

Scyther is a solid option in the Pokemon Red & Blue metagame due to its strong attack and speed stats, and access to good moves like Sword Dance and Slash.

Is dragonite good in fire red?

Dragonite finally gets a good Dragon-Type moves, unlike in Red & Blue. Outrage is so strong from this Pokemon. Not to mention it has an amazing move pool filled with strong coverage moves like Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Ice Beam and Earthquake.

Is Machop good in fire red?

What is the best psychic Pokémon in fire red?

2 Answers. Either Alakazam or Kadabra work effectively. Kadabra and Alakazam can both spam Psychic moves and have Shadow Ball for coverage with a high special attack. Exeggutor is also a decent pick with access to Sleep Powder and Psychic.

How do I beat Sabrina in fire red?

To beat Sabrina up, use a Ghost-type (Haunter or Gengar). Or you could evolve Weedle up into Beedrill, who knows Pin Missile (Jolteon also learns this move). If this fails, use a Pokémon with a strong physical move.

Is Arbok good Fire Red?

Arbok has a reputation for being relatively fast and powerful. Its Abilities either give it the edge over status effects or give it the ability to neutralize a powerful foe. They aren’t commonly seen in Nuzlockes, but they are underrated, much like other Pokémon of the Poison-type.

Is Geodude good Fire Red?

While not the absolute game-breaking monster that the Geodude line is notorious for being in the Johto games, the Geodude line is a quite solid choice in a Nuzlocke of FireRed or LeafGreen thanks to its good physical stats, nice typing, and early attainability.

Does Zubat evolve in Fire Red?

Zubat evolves into Golbat at level 22, which evolves into Crobat via max Happiness.

Is rayquaza in fire red?

GameLocationFireRedTrade from Ruby/Sapphire/EmeraldLeafGreenTrade from Ruby/Sapphire/EmeraldColosseumTrade from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

Where is Mew in fire red?

That spot belongs to Mew, and unfortunately there is no longer a way to catch one legitimately, as Mew was an event Pokémon only distributed during Nintendo events. … The only way to get Mew these days is to trade, or to use a code.

What is the cheat of Pokemon Fire Red?

CheatCodeFaster leveling72024A64 0001 82024BEC 01F4Infinite PP42023C08 6363 00000002 0002Infinite cash82025838 104E 8202583A E971Infinite items42025C96 0063 00000014 0004

How rare is Pikachu in FireRed?

What legendary Pokemon are available in FireRed?

Originally Answered: What are all of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Fire Red? Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, Articuno, Zapdos The Plant, Moltres , Mew, Mewtwo.

Is it possible to catch all Pokemon in FireRed?

What do u do after u beat the elite four in fire red?

  1. Obtain 60 Pokemon and get the National Dex from Prfessor oak.
  2. help Celio obtain Ruby and Sapphire. …
  3. Go To Cerulean cave as Mewtwo is now obtainable.
  4. you can catch one of the three legendary dogs(When you pick Bulbasaur, you can catch Entei. …
  5. You can now challenge the Battle Tower.
  6. Go on the Unown quest.

Where is zapdos in fire red?

How do I catch raikou in fire red?

Is machamp good FireRed?

It has great attack and speed and a decent sp. def and is the easiest found, as it is obtained after beating the fighting dojo. I would have recommended Heracross, but it is found after beating the champion and Machamp is only available if you can trade.

Can Charizard learn fly in FireRed?

Note that Charizard can actually learn HM 02 – Fly in Pokemon Yellow (and Stadium), but not in Blue/Red. Since this is its only Flying technique, you better make sure it learns it.

Is Aerodactyl a good Pokémon in FireRed?

Yes. It can learn Earthquake, and normal type moves are a world of pain for electrics with bad defenses.

Is Rhydon good fire red?

With the stats that it has, there’s nothing better for Rhydon than giving it four attacks and letting it steamroll opposing Pokemon. These moves give it enough coverage to hit most Pokemon it may encounter. They also do really well against many of the game’s Gym battles and Elite Four battles.

What is Scythers weakness?


Which is better Scyther or Scizor?

Scyther is a fast sweeper that is fragile, but makes better use of Aerial Ace+Technician because of STAB. Scizor is more durable but slower, but Life Orb+Technician+Swords Dance+Quick Attack can hurt a lot of faster stuff, which as a rule tend to be less stable. Choose which fits your team better.

What is Dragonites best Moveset?

The best moves for Dragonite are Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

How do you evolve Kadabra in fire red?

You will first need to catch an abra and evolve it to kadabra at level. And if caught in the wild, kadabra has a chance to be holding a twisted spoon. It evolves from abra starting at level 16 and evolves into alakazam when traded.

Is there an Eevee in fire red?

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How do you get gengar in fire red?

Gengar is the evolution of Haunter, and cannot be found in the wild. This means you will need to capture a Gastly or Haunter and evolve it into a Gengar through trading. Defeat Team Rocket in Celadon City. This is available after you defeat Erika and earn your fourth badge.

Is Primeape better than Machamp?

It has the highest Attack stat of all Fighting type Pokemon (tied with Breloom.) If an offensive Pokemon like Primape can’t hurt things, it’s nigh useless. Machamp is clearly superior despite it’s lack of speed.

Is Mankey good in fire red?

In Red, catch Mankey on Routes 5 through 8. In Yellow, look for the fighting monkey on Routes 3, 4, 22 and 23. Tips: Mankey is one of the better Fighting types around. This pig monkey has great HP and Attack stats, even at a low level, but it’s lacking a bit in the Special department.

Which is better Jynx or Kadabra?

Kadabra has better stats than Smoochum, but Jynx is on par with it offensively and has better overall bulk. Smoochum also has the advantage of learning more status-inducing moves, namely Sweet Kiss for confusion, Sing for sleep, and even Mean Look to prevent switching.

Is Alakazam good fire red?

You should go for the Alakazam. It´s one of the strongest special attackers in the game, if not THE strongest. Psychic is a very powerful STAB move. Shadow Ball is good coverage.


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