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What is the best home tanning bed?

The ?Best Home Tanning Beds

  • ?1. Solar Storm 24S with Arm and Face Tanners.
  • ?2. Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed.
  • ?3. Tanning Bed RelaxSun 24 Plus by ProSun.
  • Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning Bed.


Consequently, what is the best tanning bed to buy for home use?

Best Tanning Bed Overall

Ranking Product Tanning Session
1 Solar Storm 24S 15 minutes
2 Solar Wave 16 20 minutes
3 Solar Storm 24 R 10 minutes
4 Sunfire 16 Deluxe 20 minutes

Also Know, what is the strongest tanning bed? Sportarredo, based in Italy, poured all of its passion after 30 years of technological achievement into the making of the MasterSun 360. A high-pressure tanning system delivers an incredibly depp, dark and all over even tan, while the bed’s contoured acrylic body stays cool to the touch.

Regarding this, is a 110 tanning bed as good as a 220?

Most 24 lamp systems are 220 volt, which means an electrician has to run a 220 volt line to the bed. A 110 volt bed can be moved easily around the home without the help of an electrician. While 24 lamps light up, this tanning bed is only slightly more powerful than a typical 16 lamp system.

How do you get the best tan in a tanning bed?

General Tanning Tips

  1. Take a shower and exfoliate using an abrasive soap or scrubbing sponge.
  2. Use a high quality tanning lotion.
  3. Do not burn.
  4. Wear goggles while in the tanning bed.
  5. Wait at least 48 hours in between tanning sessions.
  6. Use a tan extender after tanning.
  7. Tan in moderation and be responsible about tanning.
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