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What is i10 AirPods?

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Actually, they are i9s TWS Bluetooth earbuds. As mentioned, they are Apple AirPods clones, from the shape of the headset to the color, and even the charging box.


Likewise, are i10 AirPods good?

The Apple AirPods offer decent quality sound for true wireless earphones — even though, they are not the best on the market and there are definitely better options around. The i10 TWS, coming at just a third of the price, also offer decently quality sound — with a few drawbacks: less base and less full sound.

are the i10 TWS worth it? All in all, the TWS i10 is a pretty brazen, but also a pretty good clone of the Apple AirPods. In terms of sound, you’ll have to accept a few cuts in the bass, the original has a bit more volume here. There’s nothing to complain about in the high and mid frequencies, I can hardly notice any difference to the original.

Correspondingly, what’s the difference between i10 and i12 AirPods?

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The i10 has the charge indicator for the case on its front, while the i12 completely adapts the AirPod design and has the LED indicators for that in the same position. These tiny changes make the i12 a more dedicated clone of the AirPods. All the other design parameters are kept the same.

Are there fake AirPods?

Fake AirPods. Many of these fake AirPods are made by companies you’ve likely never heard of. But because they’re super cheap — some start at just over $10 — you might be tempted to pull the trigger. One thing with these AirPod knockoffs, or so I realized after researching them, is that they disappear from Amazon.

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