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What is consistency in computer architecture?

A memory consistency model is a set of rules that governs how memory systems will process memory operations (load / store) from multiple processors. You can think of it as a contract between the processor architecture (hardware) and the software running on same to get right parallel program behaviors.


In this regard, what are the different types of consistency?


  • Strict consistency.
  • Sequential consistency.
  • Causal consistency.
  • Processor consistency.
  • Pipelined RAM consistency, or FIFO consistency.
  • Cache consistency.
  • Slow consistency.
  • Release consistency.

Secondly, what is relaxed consistency model? Models of Relaxed Consistency The write does not need to be finished before read to a given location takes place. More intuitively, this model allows the read operation to take place before the write finishes and thus allowing read operations to bypass pending write operations took place before them.

Also asked, what is replication consistency?

Intuitively, a collection of copies is consistent when the copies are always the same. This means that a read operation performed at any copy will always return the same result. This type of consistency is sometimes informally referred to as tight consistency or synchronous replication.

What is monotonic read consistency?

Monotonic Reads. If a process reads the value of a data item x, any successive read operation on x by that process will always return that same or a more recent value. o Monotonicread consistency guarantees that if a process has seen a value of x at time t, it will never see an older version of x at a later time.

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