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What does Sir Ji mean in Hindi?

What does Sir Ji mean in Hindi?

Definition. A term denoting double-barrel respect. It ain’t enough to call him a sir! Ji is the respectful suffix in Hindi added to anything – madamji, driverji… Origins unknown, but first popularised by oily North Indian property dealers/ estate agents.

Who is Sir ji?

The words sir/sir’ji are often used for the singular purpose of flattering our overlords; they are used as a conduit for a**-kissing. The word sir/sir’ji is a bootlicking Indian’s best friend; a lickspittles delight!

What an Idea Sir ji meaning in English?

Idea 0.0005: Don’t do things in a predefined and monotonous way. If you try something new, you will learn something new. Happy idea Hunting!!! NOTE: “What an ! dea sirji” is the marketing campaign used by Idea Cellular Ltd, India.

What does JI mean in India?

-ji (IAST: -jī, Hindustani pronunciation: [dʒiː]) is a gender-neutral honorific used as a suffix in many languages of the Indian subcontinent, such as Hindi and Punjabi languages and their dialects prevalent in northern India, north-west and central India.

Why do Indians call people ji?

The origin of the ji honorific is uncertain. One suggestion is that it is a borrowing from an Austroasiatic language such as Sora. Another is that the term means “soul” or “life” (similar to the jān suffix) and is derived from Sanskrit. The use of the ji indicates users identity with Hindu culture and Indian language.

What’s the difference between namaste and namaskar?

Both namaskar and the popular variant namaste have the same root word in Sanskrit: namas, which means “bowing or homage.” Namaskar is made up of the root words namas and kara, meaning “doing,” while namaste is made up of namas and te, meaning “you.” As such, namaskar and namaste are both respectful and very formal …

Is it haram to say namaste?

If a Hindu greets you with “namaste” you can greet him back with “namaste” provided you understand the meaning of the word and it is not contrary to the Islamic beliefs and practices. In other words, if the idea is contrary to tawhid, then we are not allowed to use it.

How do you say namaste in Islam?

Use the Salam greeting when meeting a Muslim. Greet a Muslim as they would greet one another. Use the phrase “As-Salam-u-Alaikum” (“Peace be unto you”). This is pronounced “as-saa-laam-muu-ah-lay-kum.”

Is it halal to say namaste?

So, Muslims should not greet Hindus with their greetings. Instead they should use a “weaker” greeting , such as adaab. Furthermore, they should not use the Hindu greeting of “Namaste” or “Namaskar” since it does not have the right meaning as per Islamic beliefs.

What is a good reply to namaste?

Correct response to Namaste is saying back Namaste to the other person. It’s a Hindi word for saying “ Hello” or greeting some person older than you.

Is namaste a Hindi word?

Namaste dates back to Old Sanskrit, which is found in the Vedas (the ancient texts that modern Hinduism grew out of). Today, among Hindi speakers throughout the world, namaste is a simple greeting to say hello. It’s often used in more formal situations, like when addressing someone older or someone you don’t know well.

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