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What does semi Altricial mean?

developmental pattern of young birds in which the young are relatively immobile when they hatch, and are fed by the adults, but the young at birth are down-covered rather than naked. Back.


Correspondingly, what animals are Altricial?

Altricial animals are born in an immature state and unable to care for themselves. Owls, kangaroos, cats, dogs, and humans are examples of altricial species. In contrast, precocial organisms are mobile and independent within hours or days following birth or hatch (e.g., ducks, zebras).

One may also ask, are parrots Altricial? Parrots have evolved their way into the best of both worlds. They are altricial, but the female invests in a nutrient-rich egg just like females of precocial species. Parrots are among the most intelligent of birds; they have adopted the same evolutionary strategy as we have.

In this way, what is the difference between precocial and Altricial?

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In biology, precocial species are those in which the young are relatively mature and mobile from the moment of birth or hatching. The opposite developmental strategy is called “altricial“, where the young are born or hatched helpless. These categories form a continuum, without distinct gaps between them.

Are chickens precocial or Altricial?

PRECOCIAL AND ALTRICIAL BIRDS. Precocial birds are well developed when they hatch and quickly able to stand and walk on their own (see Figure 1). Most domestic poultry species—chickens, ducks, turkeys, and so on—are precocial. The exception is pigeons.

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