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What certifications are needed for computer programming?

Popular programming certifications include CompTia A+, Oracle Java Programmer, GIAC Secure Software Programmer and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Certifications each require a different level of knowledge in a particular subject area.


Beside this, what certifications are needed to be a computer programmer?

Desirable certifications for computer programmers include the following:

  • Oracle. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): Java Programmer. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Java Programmer.
  • Microsoft. MCPD: Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.
  • CIW. CIW: Web Foundations Associate.

what certifications should I get for computer science? The Value of Earning a Certificate in Computer Science

  • MCITP – Microsoft Certified IT Professional.
  • MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.
  • Security+ – CompTIA’s Security+
  • MCPD – Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.
  • CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate.
  • A+ – CompTIA’s A+
  • PMP – Project Management Professional.
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Then, what can I do with a certificate in computer programming?

Programming Certificate Average by Job

  1. Job.
  2. Information Technology (IT) Manager.
  3. Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer.
  4. .NET Software Developer / Programmer.
  5. Mobile Applications Developer.
  6. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Programmer.
  7. iOS Developer.
  8. Robotics Engineer.

Do programming certifications matter?

If you’ve already built a skill set and can demonstrate a high level of expertise, “then yes, certifications will only further bolster [your] case for better opportunities, more pay, etc.,” Wenzler says. Programmer certifications can bring value not only with employers, but also with their customers.

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