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What are the properties of Hexagon?

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Isogonal figure

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In respect to this, what is the property of hexagon?

Properties of a Regular Hexagon: It has six sides and six angles. Lengths of all the sides and the measurement of all the angles are equal. The total number of diagonals in a regular hexagon is 9. The sum of all interior angles is equal to 720 degrees, where each interior angle measures 120 degrees.

Subsequently, question is, what are three attributes of a hexagon? Properties of a Regular Hexagon

  • All the sides are equal in length.
  • All the interior angles measure 120°.
  • The sum of all the interior angles of a regular hexagon is 720°.
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Likewise, people ask, what are the properties of a polygon?

When working with polygons the main properties which are important are:

  • The number of sides of the shape.
  • The angles between the sides of the shape.
  • The length of the sides of the shape.

What is angle sum property of hexagon?

Relation of Angle Sum Property of Triangles and Polygons This means that the sum of angles in a hexagon is equal to 4 × 180° that is 720°. Similarly, in figure b which is a pentagon, the number of triangles constituting the shape is three, so the sum of angles in a polygon shall be 3× 180 which equals 540°.

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