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What are the basic internal and external components of a computer?

External and Internal Computer Components

  • Disk Drive-Allows a computer to play CD’s or DVD’s.
  • Cables-The cables connect every electronic device together to connect the circuit and allow everything to work.
  • Heat sink- Necessary to have a CPU cooler.
  • Modem-Connects hardware and signal.


Also asked, what are the internal components of a computer?

Internal computer hardware devices

  • CPU.
  • Drive (e.g., Blu-ray, CD-ROM, DVD, floppy drive, hard drive, and SSD).
  • Fan (heat sink)
  • Modem.
  • Motherboard.
  • Network card.
  • Power supply.
  • RAM.

Beside above, what are the 4 core components of a computer? A computer has four main components: the central processing unit or CPU, the primary memory, input units and output units.

Also to know, what are the 7 internal components in a computer?

Terms in this set (7)

  • Motherboard. -Heart of Computer. -Everything sits on/connect to motherboard.
  • CPU. -Central Processing unit.
  • RAM. -Random access memory.
  • Video Card. -Connect to motherboard.
  • Power Supply. -sit up top.
  • Hard Disk. -holds information even when power is off.
  • Optical Drive. -sit in front bay of the computer.

What are the 10 components of a computer?

Here are the components and peripherals necessary to assemble a basic modern PC system:

  • Motherboard.
  • Processor.
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Case/chassis.
  • Power supply.
  • Floppy drive.
  • Hard disk.
  • CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD-ROM drive.
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