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Is Wren Kitchens any good?

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Pros: High quality doors, good quality cupboard backboards, decent after sales team, finished product looks good Cons: Poor design service, pressured sales tactics, terrible quality control. This was the first kitchen buying experience I’ve had, so naturally I went into the process unsure and certainly no expert.


Just so, are Wren Kitchens good quality?

Really pleased with Wren. The delivery and fitting of our kitchen ran very smoothly, was good value for money and looks amazing! Although we have had a small problem with our oven the customer service team couldn’t be friendlier and more helpful to resolve the problem making the whole process simple and stress free.

Subsequently, question is, which is better howdens or Wren? Howdens Joinery, has been accused of helping builders exploit unsuspecting consumers by producing estimates that bear no relation to the true price of a kitchen.

Kitchen comparison table.

Wren Howdens
Cabinet Guarantee Up to 25 Years Up to 25 Years
Fully Assembled famous for fully assembled only part assembled

Also asked, is Wren Kitchens a good place to work?

It’s great to read that you would recommend Wren as a great place to work. Worked here for nearly 2 years and it’s a great environment to work in. Great training structure for new starters and continual training for existing staff!!

Do Wren fit their kitchens?

Yes, at Wren Kitchens we offer a full installation service to ensure the fitting of your kitchen goes as smoothly as possible.

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