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Is the pituitary outside the blood brain barrier?

The pituitary gland maintains its anatomical and functional connections with the brain yet sits outside the bloodbrain barrier (Box 7.5). In this way, the entire pituitary gland is surrounded by dura such that the arachnoid membrane, and thus the cerebrospinal fluid, cannot enter the sella turcica.

People also ask, is the pituitary gland protected by the blood brain barrier?

The pituitary gland is not covered by the bloodbrain barrier because the hormones it secretes need to go into circulation and pass through the rest of the body.

Beside above, what can pass through the blood brain barrier? The bloodbrain barrier restricts the passage of pathogens, the diffusion of solutes in the blood, and large or hydrophilic molecules into the cerebrospinal fluid, while allowing the diffusion of hydrophobic molecules (O2, CO2, hormones) and small polar molecules.

Similarly, what structure is not covered by the blood brain barrier?

Capillaries in the area postrema, median eminence, neurohypophysis, pineal body, subfornical organ, commissural organ, and supraoptic crest lack tight junctions and are fenestrated; thus the bloodbrain barrier is absent at these sites.

Do all parts of the brain have the blood brain barrier?

All areas of the brain do not have a bloodbrain barrier. The structures located at strategic positions in the midline of the ventricular system and lack the BBB are collectively referred to as circumventricular organs (CVOs).

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