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Is August a good time to visit Delhi?

The summer months of April, May and June see unnaturally high temperatures while winters can be really cold. Delhi welcomes the monsoon season from July to September. The best time to visit Delhi to make the most of your trip is the spring season (March and February) and the autumn season (October and November).


In respect to this, is August a good time to visit India?

The best time to visit most of India is during the cool, dry season, between November and March. The trekking season reaches its peak in August and September while the rest of the Subcontinent is being soaked by the rains.

Secondly, which is the best month to visit Delhi? October and November or February and March are considered as the best time to visit Delhi. During this period, the weather remains pleasant whereas, Delhi enjoys too hot or too cold climate throughout the year.

Similarly one may ask, does it rain in August in Delhi?

August is Delhi’s wettest month. The heat is considerably reduced and it is relatively cooler for most part of the month. There is dense cloud formation in the sky and at least a week of distinct, very heavy rainfall. By September, the amount and frequency of precipitation drops, though humidity remains high.

Which is the best time to visit Delhi Agra Jaipur?

Best Season to Visit Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

  1. In Winter (October – February) The months of December and January are freezing cold and the other months of this season are moderately pleasing. With winter, the sky will be clear and sun will be mild.
  2. In Monsoon (June – September) Theoretically, monsoon starts in June.
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