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how to delete vlive account?

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  1. Log into V LIVE and click the “More” menu at the top right.
  2. Click “Edit Profile”
  3. Click “Delete Account” at the bottom of your profile page.
  4. Check “Delete V LIVE Account.” and click OK.

how to delete vods on twitch? how to delete vods on twitch 2021.

How do I remove a device from Vlive?

  1. Type in your VLIVE APP NUMBER.
  2. Type in your EMAIL.
  3. Click on I AGREE.
  4. Click on SEND.

How do I create a Vlive account?

  1. Download the vlive app, available on Android and iOS.
  2. You’ll be asked to sign in using one of your social media account: Facebook, twitter, Kakao, etc ( if you don’t have an account for any of the options you’ll have to go create one)
  3. After signing in you create a username and set a password.
  4. And you’re done!

Does Vlive need password?

Login is possible with email address instead of logging in with social media and email address and password will be collected as essential information. While using the service, name, date of birth, gender, email address and mobile phone number will be collected by receiving the user’s consent.

Can you use Vlive on multiple devices?

You can use V LIVE+ contents on a maximum of 5 devices for each account.

How do I join BTS V Live?

  1. Download. First off.. …
  2. Sign up. Sign up/sign in with a social media account, your options are: …
  3. Settings (notifications) After that click on settings and make sure that your notification is turned on. …
  4. Follow BTS. …
  5. BTS GAYO & Run BTS! …
  6. Vlive+ content. …
  7. Vapp Coins. …
  8. CH+ content.

Will V Live be deleted?

HYBE Labels has no plans to close down ‘V Live. ‘ Contrary to the misinformation currently spreading online, HYBE has no plans to close down the popular Naver application.

Is BTS V Live free?

Most of the content is available for free on V LIVE, such as live streams, Run BTS!, comeback specials, music videos, previews, BTS Home Party clips, and more. Content such as concert live streams or the BON VOYAGE series are bought with coins available for purchase on the app under the tag VLIVE+.

Is V LIVE is a Chinese app?

It is not a Chinese app, meaning you will be able to continue using the platform without any issues. The app has been developed specifically for South Korean stars who can use the service to broadcast videos and interact with their fans in any country, including India.

Does V LIVE use a lot of data?

Data consumption is about 1 GB of data per hour when streamed on a smartphone, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video on tablet or connected device.

Can you share your V LIVE account?

You can always share by pressing the share button. You can paste direct links to Channel+ posts. Twitter and Naver will find a way and they will take actual legal actions. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

What does VOD mean on V LIVE?

When it comes to making videos, they typically have two choices: live streaming or video on demand (VOD).

How old do you have to be for V LIVE?

Fourth, users under the age of 14 are not eligible to sign up for VLIVE and VLIVE-related services. In addition, if the Company lacks sufficient service-related equipment, or if there is a technical or business problem, approval may be withheld.

How do I view V LIVE history?

– If you purchased directly from V LIVE, the code is not issued separately, and you can check the purchase history at VLIVE > MY > Purchases > VLIVE+. In addition, when LIVE starts, you can also watch via the alarm. 4-3.

Is V Live getting deleted 2021?

On January 27, 2021, it was announced that Naver Corporation, will transfer their V-Live service to HYBE Corporation’s technology subsidiary, Weverse Company Inc. (formerly known as beNX Inc.) and will be merged with its Weverse platform. So in a matter of 1 year Vlive will close.

Who created V Live?

In 2007, Naver Corporation launched its video platform channel, but availability was highly restricted and unavailable in many countries. In early August 2015, Naver Corporation released the live streaming app, V Live.

What will happen to V Live in 2022?

Naver V Live will officially merge with Weverse in the first half of 2022 The new version of Weverse will include V Live’s “spot live” function Weverse is currently in the process of merging with V Live Source: techm.kr/news/articleVi… Ely | Hongbin’s advocate.

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