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how to delete shoprunner account?

  1. Sign into your ShopRunner account.
  2. Click “My Account” in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down, click “My Info.”
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Cancel Membership.”

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Is there a charge to join ShopRunner?

How much does a ShopRunner membership cost? ShopRunner costs $79 per year, but it’s free for PayPal members and some American Express, Chase, and Mastercard cardholders. Check to see if you’re eligible for a free membership.

Is ShopRunner free trial?

Sign Up for Free Try a complimentary 3-month trial, or sign up for a free ShopRunner membership with one of our partners. By activating this offer you are agreeing to the ShopRunner Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How did I get a ShopRunner lifetime membership?

If you have and use and American Express Card, you are eligible for a lifetime membership to ShopRunner. … Normally, subscriptions are $99 per year (they will often have discount codes), but if you have an Amex, why not get it for FREE. Plus, it is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

What shipping does ShopRunner use?

Retailers in the ShopRunner network ship via FedEx, UPS, USPS, OnTrac and LaserShip, and ShopRunner orders are generally only delivered on business days.

What exactly is ShopRunner?

Simply put, ShopRunner is a membership program that offers free two-day shipping, free returns and members-only deals at dozens of merchants online. Typically, there is an annual fee of $79 to become a member.

What is the purpose of ShopRunner?

ShopRunner is a paid service that provides free, two-day shipping for online shopping at more than 100 retailers. Rather than pay shipping charges on several purchases throughout the year, ShopRunner users can pay one annual fee to skip the charge on qualifying purchases. Free returns are also included.

Will ShopRunner charge me after free trial?

A number of retailers in our network also offer free 1-month trial memberships to ShopRunner. It is free to enroll, however at the end of the free 1-month term your account will automatically convert to a paid membership and the credit card on file will be charged $79 annually.

How do I know if I have ShopRunner?

Sign into your ShopRunner account. Click “My Account” in the top right corner of the screen. Click “My Info” from the dropdown menu. Your membership status will be listed under “Account Overview.”

What is ShopRunner 2 day shipping?

ShopRunner is a service that provides consumers with 2-day shipping on the online orders they place with particular retailers. It is a yearly membership from the ShopRunner Company, which offers subscribers free returns and exclusive advantages on the orders placed with retailers within the ShopRunner network.

Is there a minimum for ShopRunner?

Most retailers in the ShopRunner network require a minimum order value before taxes and after discounts to qualify for free 2-day shipping. This minimum order value can range between $25-$59. Some exclusions may apply.

Does ShopRunner use FedEx?

ShopRunner is a subsidiary of FedEx Services. It will operate as part of FedEx Dataworks, a new organization within FedEx Services focused on harnessing the power of the rich FedEx data ecosystem to transform the digital and physical customer experience.

Can I use Paypal with ShopRunner?

If you are a member of Paypal, you can go here and sign in for a free 2-year subscription to ShopRunner! With ShopRunner, you get free two-day shipping from tons of online stores: American Eagle, Saks Fifth Avenue, Newegg, Express, Timberland, Urban Decay, Staples, and many more.

What happens if ShopRunner doesn’t deliver in 2 days?

Most retailers will ship eligible items to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico and the shipping will be free, but some in some cases, certain regions cannot be reached in two days. At checkout on a retailer’s site, you will be notified if your order cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico using ShopRunner.

Does ShopRunner deliver on Saturdays?

ShopRunner orders are only processed and delivered on business days. Our couriers generally do not deliver over the weekends or on federal holidays. You can view the holiday schedules for UPS and FedEx by clicking on either hyperlink to visit their websites.

Does ShopRunner have an app?

Future releases of the app will also include versions covering all major operating systems including Android™. “The announcement of an iPhone app for our members is another great step in the direction of making our members lives better by enhancing their shopping experiences,” said Mike Golden, president of ShopRunner.

How do you get free returns from ShopRunner?

A ShopRunner member can go to ShopRunner.com, print out a return label, attach it to the box and put it in her own mailbox for the local mail carrier to pick up. Or she can put the package into a U.S. Postal Service mailbox or hand it over at a UPS store or a post office.

Is ShopRunner free with Apple pay?

ShopRunner Offers Free Two-Day Shipping From Select Retailers When Using Apple Pay. … “With Apple Pay, customers can make easy and secure purchases with just a glance or touch on their iPhone, iPad and Mac,” said Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay.

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