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how to delete recently watched on netflix apple tv?

How do you delete recently watched on Netflix on TV? In the dropdown menu, choose Account. Go to My Profile > Viewing Activity. Click on Delete next to the show or movie you wish to delete from the list.
How to Delete record in dataGridView? .

How do you delete recently watched on Apple TV?

, navigate to Settings. Do any of the following: Use your play history for personalized recommendations and Up Next: Turn on Use Play History. Remove information about what you’ve watched (which is synced with the Apple TV app on other devices): Select Clear Play History.

How do I clear my Netflix recently watched?

To do this on the app, click on the three dots stacked vertically, then go to “remove from row.” If you’re watching on TV, click on the show or movie and select “Remove from Continue Watching.” If you change your mind, you can select the back arrow to undo the removal.

Can you delete watch history on Netflix on TV?

To delete everything, scroll down to the bottom and tap “Hide all,” followed by “Yes, hide all my viewing activity.” To delete titles individually, tap the circular icon next to a movie or TV show, after which you have the option of deleting the entire series by selecting the “Hide series?” option.

How do you delete shows from up next on Apple TV?

In the Watch Now screen of the Apple TV app, select In Up Next. (If you don’t see the In Up Next button, first select the item in the Up Next row.) Long press the OK/select button on the up next episode and select Remove from Up Next.

How do I clear the cache on Apple TV?

  1. Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Go to General > Manage Storage.
  3. Highlight the trash icon for any item in the list and press the Touch surface. The app and all of its data are removed from the device. You can also delete the app directly on the home screen and download it to refresh the cache.

How do I delete episodes from up next?

  1. Tap an episode row > tap the remove from Up Next button on the episode card.
  2. Swipe an episode from right to left.
  3. Tap Select in the Up Next queue to enter multi-select mode > select episodes you wish to remove > tap Remove in the multi-select action toolbar.

How do I clear up next on Apple podcast app?

  1. Tap on a podcast.
  2. Tap on “Clear Up Next” if prompted.
  3. Then scroll up on the Now Playing screen and note that the rest of the podcasts in that podcast feed or station are also listed in the queue.

How do I clear recently played podcasts?

The heart icon on the left will let you like the playlist, the play icon will play the playlist again and the three-dots icon will open a menu. Hover over the recently played item that you want to remove and click on the three-dots icon. 4. From the menu that opens, click on the ‘Remove from Recently Played’ option.

How do I delete podcast history?

  1. Go to your Podcasts history in My Activity.
  2. Choose what you want to delete: All your Podcasts history: Below the search bar, tap Delete. Specific day: Next to the day, tap Delete all activity from [day] . Specific activity: Below the activity, tap Details at the top, tap More Delete.

How do I delete next 2021 podcast?

how do you delete episodes from the “up next” list and still keep the channel in my library. Set a Limit Episodes in the Show settings to a small number like Most Recent or 2. Begin to play the episode then move the slider all the way to the right.

How do I stop Podcasts from taking up storage?

  1. Find out apps that you use the least or don’t use at all and delete them.
  2. Keep your photos and videos in a cloud like iCloud or Google Drive.
  3. Delete your podcast or music you don’t listen to anymore.
  4. Clear out your notifications.

How do I delete Podcasts from my Mac?

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > About This Mac, then click the Storage tab. Click Manage, then click Podcasts in the sidebar. Press Command-A to select all episodes, then click Delete.

Is Apple fixing podcast app?

While Apple is yet to fix some of the most obvious issues with its Podcasts application, a new report suggests that Spotify is poised to take over Apple’s offering this year. So it’s clear Apple isn’t doing something right and needs to step up.

Where are Apple podcasts stored on Mac?

Podcast files are stored in a location you would not find easily. In your home folder, they are in /Library/Group Containers/XXXX. groups.com. apple.

Are Apple Podcasts good?

Apple Podcasts is a no-frills podcast streaming service well-suited to anyone knee-deep in the Apple ecosystem. Though its not the best place to go to discover indie podcasts, its ratings widget makes it great to sus out which podcasts are worth your time before you dedicate yourself to listening to them.

Why do Podcasts keep downloading?

About Automatic Downloads On Apple Podcasts, Automatic Downloads are enabled for all shows that listeners follow by default and feature built-in protections to preserve cellular data usage and local storage. Automatic Downloads work in the background for shows when a device is charged and connected to Wi-Fi.

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