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how to delete photo stream album?

To delete a photo on your iOS device, you will need to go into the Photos app, view your Photo Stream album, and then tap on the share button. Select the photos you want to delete by tapping on them, and then tap the Delete button.
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Does deleting photos from photo Stream free up space?

The Photo Stream photos are transient copies of the photos in your Camera Roll; photos older than 30 days will be deleted, and if you have more than 1000 photos the oldest will be removed to make space for new ones.

What happens if I delete photos from my photo stream?

If you disable My Photo Stream, it will remove synced photos on the device you’re currently using. However, the platform won’t automatically delete those images. They’ll still be on the devices that uploaded them to My Photo Stream.

How do you delete photos from photostream on iPhone?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID account.
  3. Select iCloud and then Photos.
  4. Turn off the toggle for My Photo Stream.

What is the point of my photo Stream?

My Photo Stream is a great feature that allows you to keep all of your most recent pictures in sync across all of your devices. It saves you time transferring pictures back and forth, especially if you like to use your iPhone camera to take pics and then edit them on your computer.

What happens if I turn off photo Stream on my iPhone?

What happens to your photos if you turn off My Photo Stream. Before you turn off My Photo Stream, save any photos that you want to keep on your device. If you sign out of iCloud or turn off My Photo Stream on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, all of the photos in the My Photo Stream album are removed from that device.

What is the difference between iCloud photos and my photo Stream?

iCloud Photos stores all your photos as long as you have sufficient space. When you edit a photo while using My Photo Stream, the edits apply only to the photo you edited, not to versions synced with other devices. With iCloud Photos, all edits you make—on any of your devices—sync to all the rest of your devices.

Do shared photo stream use storage?

Photos uploaded to My Photo Stream or Shared Albums don’t count against your iCloud storage. iCloud stores the photos that you upload to My Photo Stream for 30 days to give your devices plenty of time to connect to iCloud and download them.

Is my photo stream the same as iCloud?

Do you have a lot of photos that you want to access across your devices at any time? – You should use iCloud Photo Library to store and access your photos and videos. My Photo Stream only gives you access to your most recent 1,000 photos (or the past 30 days) across your devices.

Will deleting photos from photo Stream delete from camera roll?

When you delete a photo from My Photo Stream, it deletes from the My Photo Stream view on all of your supported devices after you connect each device to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. … Photos that you copied to the Library tab or Recents Album on your iOS device. Photos that you imported into the Photos app.

What does upload to photostream mean?

A feature of Apple’s iCloud service that synchronizes photos on Apple mobile devices, Macs, PCs and Apple TVs. When a photo is taken on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, it is uploaded to iCloud and automatically shared on the user’s other Photo Stream devices and desktops.

Should I use photo Stream?

If you have multiple devices and take a lot of pictures, Photo Stream is fine to use. It does a good job of syncing photos between devices; as long as you use both devices regularly, your pictures will be backed up on each device you have.

Should I use photo Stream or iCloud photo library?

Final Verdict: Use Them Both (While You Can) Only iCloud Photos gives you access to all your photos and videos from all your devices, superseding the abilities of My Photo Stream in most cases. For now, however, you can enable both features on your iPhone and use only My Photo Stream on your iPad.

What happens if you turn off iCloud photos?

If you turn off iCloud on your iPhone only, all of the photos in your iPhone will remain. You can also access your photos on the connected devices or on iCloud. But, a newly taken image will no longer be saved on iCloud.

Can you delete photos from a shared album?

Remove a photo or video Subscribers to a shared album can delete only the photos and videos they add. When you delete a photo or video from a shared album you own, it’s removed from the shared album on all your devices and all subscribers’ devices.

Do photos from shared albums take up storage?

No, albums shared with you do not use your storage, but the storage of the owner. When you want to clear storage used by Google Photos you have two options: Delete stuff.

Do photo albums take up space on iPhone?

Shared albums do not take up space on your iPhone. If you have iCloud Photos enabled, you have the option to optimize the storage on your iPhone to free up space on the device.

Can Apple see my photos?

It is worth remembering that all Android and Apple built devices already analyze your photos to be able to make them searchable. If you have a pet, type pet into the search box and pets appear.

What is the difference between library and albums on iPhone?

Every photo in an iPhoto Library is in an Event. If you have the same photo twice in an Event, then you’re using twice the disk space. Al album is an ad hoc grouping created by you – photos in an album can be drawn from any Event.

Why are my photos appearing on another iPhone?

You are using the same iCloud ID and are sharing photos via Photostream. You need to either use separate iCloud IDs or turn off Photos in iCloud. You are using the same iCloud ID and are sharing photos via Photostream. You need to either use separate iCloud IDs or turn off Photos in iCloud.

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