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How to delete every message on discord?

Open DevTools pressing F12 or ⌘ command + option + J ; Copy the deleteDiscordMessages. js script and paste it in the Console, then press ENTER ; A window will be opened, fill the variables and click the START button.
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How do I delete all messages on discord?

  1. Use ‘! clear @username’ to delete a specific user’s previous 100 messages.
  2. Use ‘! clear 500’ to delete the last 500 messages on the channel.

Can you delete all your messages on discord at once?

There is also no current method for bulk-deleting your messages on a server or channel. You can only delete message by message.

How do you quickly delete messages on discord?

How do I mass delete Discord DM messages?

  1. Open the preferred chatbox.
  2. Select recent comment and activate the editor.
  3. Choose multiple messages and delete.

How do I delete all messages on Discord mobile?

How do I delete all messages on discord Iphone?

How long do discord messages last?

Threads will auto-archive after 24 hours of inactivity — a nice way to keep channels from being clogged up with off-topic or time-sensitive chats. Boosted servers can keep a thread around for a week instead of a single day, giving a channel’s members more time to hop into relevant side conversations.

What discord BOT has Purge?

MEE6 Bot. The MEE6 bot is one of the most powerful options at your disposal if you want to purge your server channels. As mentioned, it can do up to 1,000 messages per action, though you can specify any other number.

How do you delete a DM on discord 2021?

How do I delete discord messages 2021?

  1. Open the Discord app on your smartphone.
  2. Find the message that you want to delete.
  3. Tap and hold the message. …
  4. Tap ‘Delete’ on that list.

Is Discord operating at a loss?

Even with the failure of the storefront, Discord remains in a healthy position. Usage has catapulted during the COVID-19 lockdown, it recently announced over 100 million MAUs and a new peak of 10.6 million concurrent users.

Can Discord staff see DMS?

Furthermore, Discord’s trust and safety team does have the ability to read private messages and messages sent in private servers when investigating user reports.

Can Discord be traced?

Because Discord uses a client-server architecture for all voice and text communication, your IP is kept securely locked down and out of sight from any bad guys. This means you’re safe from DDOS attacks.

Does Discord spy?

Discord is spyware because it collects all information that passes through its communication platform. As Discord is a centralized communication platform, all communications have to go through Discord’s official servers, where all of that information can potentially be recorded.

Are Discord images private?

Discord CDN is public, meaning anyone can see any attachement as long as they have the url for it. It also means that anything we send is online forever and can’t be deleted at all.

Are Discord calls recorded?

As far as we know, Discord calls are not recorded. Discord uses end-to-end encryption and while a nation state could theoretically record them, why would they? Millions of people spend millions of hours per year chatting on Discord. Even if someone wanted to record those calls, the storage overhead would be huge.

Can Discord report to police?

Discord provides user information to law enforcement when we are in receipt of enforceable legal process. Discord works with law enforcement agencies in cases of immediate danger and/or self-harm, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2702.

Can I sue Discord?

Users of gaming chat app Discord will soon be unable to sue the company, according to an update to its terms of service. News of the change quickly spread online Thursday after Twitter users noticed the alteration on Discord’s website.

Can you get your IP pulled on Discord?

The short answer to this question is no. It is not possible to obtain someone’s IP address via Discord. This is because this application utilizes TLS (Transport Layer Security) and other techniques to protect users from scammers and hackers. The fact that Discord hosts its own servers adds another layer of protection.

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