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How old is Klee from Genshin?

Character Age Height
Kaeya 22⁶ 5’11” / 182 cm
Keqing 17² 5’2″ / 158cm
Klee 8-10² 4’5″ / 135cm
Kujou Sara Unknown 5’6″ / 168cm

How old is Klee in Genshin? how old is diona genshin impact.

How old is Klee Qiqi and Diona?

Some fans have guessed she may be as old as 14, but her appearance seems closer to 12. When comparing the characters’ in-game model heights, Diona is only marginally taller than Klee and Qiqi. Fans have approximated Diona’s height at 4′ 7” or 140 cm, compared to Klee at 4′ 5” (135 cm) and Qiqi at 4′ 4” (133 cm).

Who is the oldest in Genshin Impact?

1 Zhongli, Around 6000 Years Old The Geo Archon, also known as Zhongli, is the oldest character in Genshin Impact.

How old are Genshin Impact players?

Genshin Impact Demographics Here’s some data. The gender distribution is quite balanced. 55% of Genshin impact players are male, while the remaining 45% are female. When it comes to age, 27% are under 25, while the average age is 35.

How old is Xiao human form?

Xiangling November 2 14
Xiao April 17 2,000+
Xingqiu October 9 18-20
Xinyan October 16 16-18

What age is Paimon?

Paimon in Genshin Impact appears to be around 5-7 years old, judging by speech ability and physical dimensions. However, Paimon proves to be very knowledgable when it comes to the world and its history, with an understanding that goes beyond what even the most intelligent 7-year-old would comprehend.

How old is Xingqiu?

Characters Ages Heights
Xingqiu 17 5’4″ / 162.5cm
Xinyan 16/17 5’2″ / 157.4cm
Yanfei 5’2″ / 157.4cm
Yoimiya 16/17 5’2″ / 158 cm

How old is venti from Genshin?

How Old is Venti in Genshin Impact. Venti’s body seems to be 15 years old. However, he is at least 2,600 years old. He is most likely the second oldest character in Genshin Impact.

How old is Zhongli?

Over 6000 years old is a vague number, but it confirms that Zhongli isn’t anywhere below 6000 years. Predictably, this makes Zhongli the oldest character in Genshin Impact.

How old is Scaramouche?

Scaramouche is a male human whose age is undefined as he is an immortal. His height is 5’4″ ft or 1.63 m. Not intimidating right? He will mess you up though.

How old is Miko?

Characters Ages Heights
Diona 12 4’5″ / 134.6cm

How old is Mona?

Mona’s age is around 20-25 years. On the contrary, Mona the astonishing astrologist, might be older than her appearance suggests. Since she is a knowledgeable character in Astrology, she might know secret for immortal life. This is a common thing among characters in Genshin.

Is SAYU a child?

Sayu is petite and can even be described as delicate. One by one, her peers are growing taller, but she still has the stature of a child, as her height has not changed at all.

How old is Fischl?

The only concrete information on Fischl’s age is that she received her Electro vision at the age of 14. This means that at the very least, Fischl is 14 years old, but another snippet of information points towards her being older than that.

Is Sucrose a boy or girl Genshin?

In her personal life, she is an anxious young girl who has very limited hobbies. Due to her own social anxiety, she has also given herself a rather strange reputation around Mondstadt. There is a lot to learn about Sucrose and the interesting way she lives her life.

What is Paimon’s height?

She loves food and knows a lot about the industry – the entire world of Teyvat. One more interesting thing about her is that she is known as “emergency food” by the players in the game’s community. Even though there is no mention of her age in the game, she is very small with a height of 1.5-2ft.

Is Paimon a girl or boy?

Paimon is a female NPC in Genshin Impact that follows you around and will act as your guide for the continent of Teyvat. She enters the story as a character saved by you from a lake that she was about to drown in.

Is Paimon an albino?

He suffers from albinism, but for the most part has managed to find work-around for the challenges that brings about. He has a great, booming voice, and roars as he arrives.

Who is the tallest Genshin character?

1 Arataki Itto (191.9 cm) Arataki Itto takes the tallest character spot from Childe.

Is Ayaka a 5 star?

Ayaka is a 5-star Cryo Sword character in Genshin Impact.

Who is venti Genshin?

Venti is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact. He is a free-spirited, wine-loving bard in Mondstadt and the current mortal vessel of Barbatos, the Anemo Archon.

How old is Zhongli physically?

#1 – Zhongli: 28 years (human form), 6000+ years (Archon form)

How old is Xiao from Genshin?

In Genshin Impact, Xiao is a character who is over 2,000 years old. Xiao’s age can be explained by his existence as an Adeptus. In other words, he is one of several immortal, magical deities of Liyue. Some other Adepti, like Ganyu, are even older than Xiao.

How old is the Dendro Archon?

Ganyu once mentioned that the Dendro Archon is the youngest archon which is only 500 years old.

How old is Barbatos?

2,600 years ago, the entity now known as Barbatos was a nameless, formless wisp of wind in Old Mondstadt.

How old is SAYU?

Sayu is the 17-year-old daughter of the Ogiwara Family, a prominent family hailing from the city of Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

Who is the oldest Archon Genshin?

Liyue’s Morax, the God of Contracts, is the oldest Archon in Genshin Impact, with at least over 2000 years under his rule. Naturally, as a god centered around order, Morax has a very different relationship with his people.

Who is the youngest harbinger?

As the youngest Harbinger in the history of the Fatui, Childe is hardly bound by convention, and plays by his own rules accordingly.

Is Scaramouche a adult?

Appearance. Scaramouche is described as a man with a slender figure and a handsome face. He has a youthful appearance, short in height with indigo hair that covers his ears, as well as indigo eyes with bold red eyeliner.

Who is the youngest Fatui harbinger?

Older Than They Look: Looks younger than Childe, the youngest of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. However, it’s mentioned by Yae Miko that he’s over 500 years old.

Will Yae be a 5 star?

Yae Miko is finally coming to Genshin Impact as a playable character. The five-star Electro Catalyst user has already played a big part in Inazuman lore, and now players can wield her powers.

Is Yae Miko a boy?

According to Mihoyo’s description of Yae Miko, “her elegant and beautiful appearance belies an intelligent and cunning personality. She is a lady who is not easy to predict and has her own principles and methods of doing things”.

Is Yae Miko a support?

As such, Yae Miko is a support that can amp your team’s damage by a substantial amount; however, her unique playstyle means she isn’t the generalist support that some characters are, so let’s break down the teams that she functions best in.

How old is Mona Vand?

37 years (March 10, 1985)

Is Ayaka good Genshin Impact?

Ayaka is amazing as a Sub-DPS. Her Elemental Burst packs outstanding damage without her taking much field time. As for the Elemental Skill, it generates a good amount of energy for her team while dealing mediocre damage. Ayaka can work well with many characters as a Sub-DPS.

How old is Ayaka?

CHARACTERBIRTHDAYAGEAlbedoSeptember 1318AmberAugust 1018AyakaSeptember 28Eldest DaughterBarbaraJuly 516 / 17

Is Sayus tail real?

Sayu’s fake tail is designed to help her maintain her balance among branches. However, if people mistake her for a tanuki, Sayu will pout in anger.

Why does SAYU have a leaf on her head?

She also has a leaf on her head. This is related to a type of Japanese yōkai called a Tanuki. Tanuki are raccoon-dog looking yōkai, usually tricksters. They usually look like this, but can also look like the image below the first one.

Is Fischl a child?

Personality. Due to her upbringing as a child, Fischl is obsessed with fantasy stories and roleplays as a benevolent princess. She speaks in a polite and formal manner to all, which greatly confuses those who interact with her.

Is Fischl a Waifu?

Fischl is a character from Genshin Impact and a rollable waifu in Mudae.

Is Diona a child?

Diona’s character shares the same child body model as Qiqi and Klee. While her exact age is yet to be revealed by the game’s lore, what’s currently known about her suggests that she may be between 10 and 14 years old. But due to her personality and short stature, many fans believe that she’s closer to 12 years old.

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