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How often do winds aloft come out?

How often is the global winds aloft forecast updated? At a global level, the winds aloft are updated with a new forecast every 6 hours. For North America, Europe and Australia, the forecasts are updated every hour. The time resolution for the global forecasts is every 3 hours through 30 hours (ei: 00Z, 03Z, 06Z, 09Z).


Similarly one may ask, what does 9900 mean for winds aloft?

9900+10 means wind light and variable, temperature +10°. c. 7735–07 means the wind direction is from 270° (i.e., west), the wind speed is 135 knots, and the temperature is minus 7°C. WINDS AND TEMPS ALOFT FORECAST (FB)

One may also ask, are winds aloft AGL or MSL? Heights in the FA are above mean sea level (MSL) unless stated as above ground level (AGL). Ceilings (CIG) are always AGL. WIND and TEMPERATURE ALOFT FORECASTS (FD) are 6, 12, and 24-hour forecasts of wind direction, speed, and temperatures for selected altitudes to 53,000 feet MSL at specified locations.

Also question is, why are winds aloft given in true direction?

METAR winds are always given relative to true north. AWOS and ASOS winds transmitted locally by radio (such as at an airport) are in magnetic direction (so they will be useful to pilots landing on runways aligned to magnetic north) but are given in true direction when used as part of the METAR format.

How do you read wind data?

Method 1 Reading the Barbs

  1. Read the wind direction. The “flagpole” or directional vector of a wind barb shows you which way the wind is blowing.
  2. Gauge wind speed. You can tell how hard the wind is blowing by looking at the “barb,” line, or symbol at the end of each wind direction vector.
  3. Read barb combinations.
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