How long is Snakes on a plane?

Just so, how does Snakes on a Plane end?

The co-pilot dies and to get all the snakes out Samuel L jackson shoots out a couple of windows. The raft in the stairwell becomes dislodged and all the snakes are sucked out through the now large hole in the side of the plane.

Likewise, what was the big snake in snakes on a plane? The different species include a 19-foot (5.8 m) Burmese python named Kitty (which the crew called Kong for film purposes), scarlet kingsnake (the non-venomous double for the coral snake), milk snake, corn snakes, rattlesnakes, and mangrove snakes.

Correspondingly, is Snakes on a Plane scary?

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It’s not particularly scary, unless snakes automatically give you the heebie jeebies. Couple of good jolts, otherwise it’s played mostly forked-tongue in cheek although when the initial sheisse hits the fan, it’s a nice balance between scary and “Snakes!” borderline goofieness.

What genre is Snakes on a plane?

Horror Action Thriller

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