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How does react life cycle work?

What are React lifecycle methods? You can think of React lifecycle methods as the series of events that happen from the birth of a React component to its death. Every component in React goes through a lifecycle of events. I like to think of them as going through a cycle of birth, growth, and death.

Similarly, you may ask, what is lifecycle in react JS?

Every React Component has a lifecycle of its own, lifecycle of a component can be defined as the series of methods that are invoked in different stages of the component’s existence. Mounting: Mounting is the stage of rendering the JSX returned by the render method itself.

Also, when should I use componentWillReceiveProps? componentWillReceiveProps() is invoked before a mounted component receives new props. If you need to update the state in response to prop changes (for example, to reset it), you may compare this. props and nextProps and perform state transitions using this.

Regarding this, what are lifecycle hooks in react?

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React class components can have hooks for several lifecycle events. Hooks allow function components to access them too, in a different way. During the lifetime of a component, there’s a series of events that gets called, and to each event you can hook and provide custom functionality.

Which of the react lifecycle method is called before rendering?

componentWillUpdate() method

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