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How does Amir describe his house in The kite Runner?

How does Amir describe his house in The kite Runner?

It was a “sprawling house of marble floors and wide widows.” The floors were made of mosaic tiles, gold-stiched tapestries, a crystal chandelier hung from the vaulted ceiling.

How does Amir feel about living in America?

Amir assimilates far more easily, describing America as “a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past.” Amir views his American life as an opportunity to start over and free himself from his sins against Hassan in Afghanistan.

How did Amir and Baba leave their home at the beginning of Chapter 10?

Amir and Baba, along with several others, are in the back of a truck fleeing Afghanistan for Pakistan. The drive is bumpy and makes Amir feel car sick, which Baba sees as another of Amir’s weaknesses. They had to flee at night and leave no evidence of their escape, because informers are everywhere.

What does Amir do for a living?

What does Amir do for a living? He is a writer.

Who is Amir meeting at 3 00pm?

Who is Amir meeting at 3:00pm? Amir is meeting the Talib official at 3pm.

Why does Amir adapt to life in the US so easily so well?

Amir views the United States as a safe haven from his traumatic past and is grateful for the opportunity to have a second chance at life. Unlike his father, Amir also has the opportunity to gain an education and becomes fluent in English at a much faster pace than Baba,…

What is Amir’s nickname for Soraya?

Soraya Taheri. What is Amirs nickname for Soraya and why? Swap meat princess because they met at a flea market.

How did Amir and Baba leave their house?

Ali and Hassan had one suitcase when they left in the rain; Baba and Amir had only one more than that. Both sets of fathers and sons are forced to leave their home through no fault of their own. The episode about Kamal and his father is important for a number of reasons.

Why did Baba and Amir flee their home?

Baba and Amir leave Afghanistan for the US via Pakistan because of the Soviet invasion. Baba couldn’t stomach the idea of his country being ruined physically and ideologially by the Communists; so he leaves before it is too late. As a capitalistic businessman, his life and Amir’s would have been in danger.

How does Amir describe Hassan’s physical appearance?

Hassan is a servant and a friend of Amir’s. He has a round face, a flat broad nose, narrow gold/green eyes, and a cleft lip. He’s a loyal friend to Amir and a humble boy.

How does Ali end up dying?

As they spoke, Rahim Khan learned that Ali was killed by a land mine. Rahim Khan then explained to Hassan that he wanted Hassan and Farzana to come to Baba’s house with him and help him care for it.

What are some descriptions of Amir’s home?

Amir’s home was located in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, an affluent neighborhood. On account of the neighbors and Amir, the house was well built and beautiful. The house had marble floors, a crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and Gold-stitched draperies lined up the walls. The house had four…

Where does Amir live in the Kite Runner?

Amir is portrayed as the privileged child of a wealthy, proud man. Hosseini juxtaposes Baba’s magnificent home with his servant’s home. Ali and his son, Hassan, live in a tiny shack located in Baba’s backyard. Unlike Baba, Ali is humble and poor. Ali and Hassan are also Hazaras, while Baba and Amir are Pashtuns.

What does Amir say to the Hazara man?

He tells Amir he is a disgrace to their kind for being friends with Hassan. He says that Hitler had it all right, and it won’t be long before Afghanistan can rid their country of Hazara people. He blames Amir and his father for keeping Hassan and his father around.

Why are Ali and Hassan not friends with Baba and Amir?

Although Ali and Hassan are servants to Baba and Amir, Ali and Hassan do everything together as children, just as “friends” would do. Because of their family history, they do not use the word “friend” because it would be considered a disgrace for Baba and Amir to be friends with Ali and Hassan.

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