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How do you stop soya milk curdling in instant coffee?

It seems like the best way to prevent curdling is to warm the soy milk slowly by pouring it into the cup first, then gradually add the coffee. Letting the coffee cool a bit before adding soy milk and avoiding more acidic coffee beans may also help.


Regarding this, why does my soy milk curdle in coffee?

The two factors behind the curdling of soy milk are acidity and temperature. Black coffee is more acidic than soy milk and can act like a coagulant, making a kind of loose tofu in your coffee cup. We’ve heard that heating the soy milk first helps avoid coagulation, but hot soy milk will actually curdle more.

Beside above, how do you make instant coffee with soy milk? Warm the soya milk first, add coffee, then water. Allow the boiled water to cool before adding it to the cup. Leave the spoon in the mug after mixing soya milk, water and coffee. Shake the carton of soya milk first or whisk the milk in the cup before adding water and coffee.

Additionally, is it OK to drink curdled soy milk in coffee?

Can you get rid of Haemophilus influenzae?

As Buzzfeed reports, the heat and acidity can also affect non-dairy milks such as soy milks in a similar way. Although this curdling is not necessarily bad for your health, it’s also not exactly ideal (who wants to drink coffee with chunky milk in it?).

Will curdled soy milk make you sick?

Drinking bad soy milk is similar to drinking bad cow’s milk — or eating many other expired foods, for that matter. You are likely to experience symptoms associated with food poisoning including nauseas, an upset stomach, and possibly even vomiting.

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