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How do you get Electrizer in Pokemon Platinum?

2 Answers. The electrizer is at valley windworks behind the fence but to get there, you have to surf from the bridge. Or you can find wild electabuzz on route 222 with a 30% chance to find them and a 50% chance to have them hold it.


Likewise, how do you get Electivire in Pokemon Platinum?

For Electivire, you have to get a electrizer at valley windworks and trade with electabuzz holding it. It’s pre- evolution is elekid which you have to breed Electabuzz or Elctivire to get.

Additionally, how do you evolve Electabuzz in platinum? Electabuzz needs to be traded to evolve. Find someone that will trade your evolved Electivire back to your after it evolves. Electabuzz will evolve as soon as it is traded. You can only trade with someone playing a game from the same Generation as you.

One may also ask, what Pokemon is the Electrizer for?

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The Electirizer is an item introduced in Generation IV that evolves Electabuzz into Electivire when traded. This item can be sold for 1050 Pokédollars. They are sometimes held by wild Elekids and Electabuzzes.

How do you get a Magmarizer in Pokemon Platinum?

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  1. Magby hold them. So keep catching Magby until you find one with a magmerizer. User Info: Fallen_Angel149. Fallen_Angel149 – 10 years ago 1 2.
  2. Magmarizer is a wild hold item. Magmar (found at Fuego Ironworks) have a 5% chance of holding Magmarizers. Also, you can find a Magmarizer on the ground at Route 214.
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