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How do you determine priorities for service delivery?

Determining priorities

  1. consider your current goals and activities, and create your ‘to-do’ list.
  2. then give each task in your list a priority, with 1 as the highest priority.
  3. then rearrange your list so the highest priority tasks are at the top.
  4. cross off each task as you complete it.

Consequently, what are the 4 steps to monitoring service delivery?

The four steps to monitoring

  • Establish where monitoring is needed. The key point for a manager in monitoring the implementation of service improvement plans is identifying where monitoring is needed.
  • Establish the measures. Using the answers to the questions above, identify what should be monitored.
  • Compare.
  • Take action.
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Subsequently, question is, why is it important to ensure reports are clear detailed and contain recommendations for critical aspects of service delivery? Write customer service reports that are clear, detailed and contain recommendations: Customer service reports are vital as they identify average response time, customer demand, average handle time and how problems are dealt with.

Herein, how do you deliver and monitor a service to customers?

Performance Evidence

  1. identify customer needs using appropriate questioning and active listening skills.
  2. provide customer service in accordance with organisational requirements.
  3. respond to and record customer feedback and action taken according to organisational standards, policies and procedures.
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How do you assess client needs?

Let’s look at five key tactics for understanding client needs and therefore meeting their expectations.

  1. Know their business.
  2. Listen (really listen)
  3. Ask questions and paraphrase for understanding.
  4. Continue to circle back with the client.
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