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How do I delete multiple emails on my macbook air?

Open mail by clicking on the icon on your dock. Select each email you want to remove while holding down the command key and then click Delete. To remove consecutive emails without selecting them individually, simply click on the one at the top while holding shift, scroll to the last one, and select.
How do I delete multiple Facebook accounts? how to remove multiple facebook accounts on iphone.

How do I delete thousands of emails at once?

Sadly, there isn’t a snappy way to cut them immediately. Instead of clicking a nifty button, you’ll have to press and hold the Shift key. Click the first email, keep holding down Shift, click the last email and then hit Delete.

Why can’t I delete emails on my Mac?

In Apple Mail, go to Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors and check your settings there. See if changing any of the “Trash” preferences make a difference, especially the setting to “store deleted messages on the server”. To remove a message you have to select the message and click the Delete icon.

Why does Mac Mail take up so much space?

Mail storage is consumed by various attachments that come with your emails. These attachments range from sent documents and other files to signatures from subscribed company newsletters. Once you open an attachment on your Mac, it automatically gets downloaded on your computer.

How do I select multiple emails on Macbook?

  1. Open the Mail application on your Mac by clicking the Mail icon in the Dock.
  2. Click the first message as part of the group.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key.
  4. While holding the Shift key, click the last message in the range.
  5. Release the Shift key.

How do I delete all messages on my Macbook?

Delete messages: Select one or more messages (including text messages, photos, videos, files, web links, audio messages, or emoji) in the transcript, then press Delete. Delete all messages within a conversation: Choose Edit > Clear Transcript.

How do you mass delete on a Mac?

  1. Hold down the Shift key;
  2. Click on each of the items you want to remove;
  3. Finally, drag them to the Trash (or right click and select Move to Trash).

How do I delete emails in bulk?

To select and delete nonconsecutive emails, click the first email, press and hold the Ctrl key, click each email that you want to delete, and then press the Delete key.

How do I quickly delete emails on Mac?

  1. In the Mail app on your Mac, select a message.
  2. Click the Delete button in the Mail toolbar or move the pointer over the message’s header, then click the Delete button that appears.

How do I permanently delete emails from my Mac?

To permanently delete emails: In the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mailbox > Erase Deleted Items, then choose an account. You can also Control-click a Trash mailbox in the Mail sidebar, then choose Erase Deleted Items.

Can I remove Mail from my Mac?

Click on the Apple menu and choose System Preferences, then Internet accounts. Locate the accounts you currently use in Mail, select them one at a time, and uncheck ‘Mail. ‘

Do Messages take up space on Mac?

Just like the Messages app in iOS, the Messages app on Mac allows you to send and receive attachments via iMessage or SMS. Over time, these attachments can take up a lot of storage space. And even keeps a running history of the things you’ve been sending and are receiving if they’re not dealt with.

How do I delete Messages from my Mac without deleting my iPhone?

  1. Open the Messages application on your Mac.
  2. Select “Preference of Message” that you will find on the menu tab.
  3. In the General setting, you have a selection – Save history when conversations are closed. You should uncheck this option.

How do I delete multiple emails in Outlook for Mac?

  1. Navigate to the folder you would like to delete the messages from (e.g. Inbox). Select the first email you would like to delete to highlight it.
  2. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. …
  3. Right-click on the selected messages and select Delete.
  4. This will now delete all the highlighted emails at once.

How do I delete all emails from my computer?

Press the shortcut key combination Ctrl + A to select every message. In the lower message pane, click Delete to remove the selected e-mails. Once you’ve deleted the messages, right-click the folder and select Compact to erase them permanently.

How do I delete 3000 emails from my IPAD?

The quickest way is to go to the Mail app and select all of the emails you want to delete by tapping on them. Then tap on Edit in the top left corner of your screen, then tap on Trash All. How do I mass delete emails?

Does deleting emails free up space?

Deleting emails from Gmail can free up storage space in the cloud. This is done in two steps: first you have to move the emails into the Trash, then you have to delete them from the Trash. Emails in the Trash are still counting towards your Google account’s quota. Open Gmail on your device.

How do I delete large attachments in Mac Mail?

  1. In a message conversation, tap the contact’s name at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap Info .
  3. Select See All Photos.
  4. Tap Select, tap the images you’d like to delete.
  5. Tap Delete, then tap Delete Attachment to confirm.

Does deleting Messages on Mac delete from Iphone?

With Messages in iCloud, when you delete a message, attachment, or conversation on one device, it deletes from all of your devices. This can help free up some space in your iCloud storage, while keeping the rest of your conversations up to date across your devices. Once you delete a message, you can’t get it back.

How do u right-click on a Macbook Air?

  1. Control-click: Press and hold the Control key while you click an item. For example, Control-click an icon, a window, the toolbar, the desktop, or another item. …
  2. Customize how you Control-click: Change options for secondary click for your trackpad or for your mouse.

How do I delete old emails in Outlook for Mac?

  1. Go to “Accounts” via the “Extra” menu.
  2. Select the account that you want to change and click on “Advanced” at the bottom right.
  3. Go to the “Folders” tab to set the changes. You have two options under the “Trash” item to delete your deleted e-mails.

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