How can you tell how many times a paper has been cited?

Navigate to Google Scholar, which can be found under “G” in “Find a Database”. Here you simply search for the article in which you are interested. Under the link, you can see the number of times the article has been cited.
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How do you determine how many times a paper has been cited?

Click on Search. a list of publications by that author name will appear. To the right of each citation, the number of times the article has been cited will appear. Click the number next to “times cited” to view the articles that have cited your article.

How do I find out how many citations an author has?

Use the Citations tab to search for a particular author. The search will result in a list of publications, ranked by number of citations. Or, use the Publications tab to search for a particular article and see how many times it has been cited.

How do you find most cited?

You can click on the small downward triangle near the search button (magnifying glass) to get an advanced search screen. 2. The results will be ranked by relevance, with matching titles closer to the top. Beneath each entry, you will see a link that says ‘Cited by …’ and a number.

How do you find citations in a research paper?

Search Google Scholar for a particular article In the search box type the title of the article (you can use quotation marks around the title to make Google search it as a phrase but this is often unnecessary). Find the article in the results list and the citations to it will be at the botom of the citation.

How many citations is considered good?

What is a good number of citations? With 10 or more citations, your work is now in the top 24% of the most cited work worldwide; this increased to the top 1.8% as you reach 100 or more citations. Main take home message: the average citation per manuscript is clearly below 10!

What is H factor in publications?

The h index is a metric for evaluating the cumulative impact of an author’s scholarly output and performance; measures quantity with quality by comparing publications to citations. The h index corrects for the disproportionate weight of highly cited publications or publications that have not yet been cited.

How do I find citations in Google Scholar?

Click on the Search Scholar button. Locate the correct article in the search results list. If the article was cited by others, you will see a “Cited by” link at the bottom of the record. Click this link to view who has cited this item.

How do I find my h-index on Google Scholar?

The H-index is displayed in the “Cited by” box on the right hand of your profile page. Also displayed are the total number of citations that all of the articles in your profile have received, and the “i10-index”, which shows how many of your articles have received at least 10 citations.

What Is cited reference searching?

What is Cited Reference Searching? Cited reference searching allows you to: search for records that cite a particular document (such as when you are reading an article and you want to search for a study mentioned in the literature review) search by author, publication, title, date, and more.

How many citations is good for a researcher?

For all researchers, 5-10 citations of their papers will be great! Publishing in good journals help the citations of our articles.

Has been cited meaning?

cite verb [T] (NAME) to officially name or mention someone or something in a law court, or to officially request someone to appear in a court of law: … He has been cited as the co-respondent in the divorce case.

What is the most cited paper of all time?

The most-cited paper in history is a paper by Oliver Lowry describing an assay to measure the concentration of proteins. By 2014 it had accumulated more than 305,000 citations.

What is considered a highly cited paper?

Highly Cited Papers are papers published in the last 10 years that are receiving the most citations (top 1%) when compared to peer papers (same field, same publication year).

Should a research paper have a lot of citations?

Answer: Regarding the number of reference citations, there is no specific number or range that is considered as normal or standard. You should cite just about enough sources that are required for your paper. The number of references you will use depends on how much literature exists on the topic.

What is Scopus index?

What is a Scopus indexed journal? Scopus is an Elsevier’s abstract and citation database that was launched in 2004 to improve institutions’ and professionals’ progress in sciences and healthcare. It is known to be the best abstraction and citation database for peer-reviewed journals.

Is an h-index of 11 good?

H-index scores between 3 and 5 seem common for new assistant professors, scores between 8 and 12 fairly standard for promotion to the position of tenured associate professor, and scores between 15 and 20 about right for becoming a full professor.

What is a good g-index?

The g-index is an author-level metric suggested in 2006 by Leo Egghe. … Hence, a g-index of 10 indicates that the top 10 publications of an author have been cited at least 100 times (102), a g-index of 20 indicates that the top 20 publications of an author have been cited 400 times (202).

What is Citation Index example?

A citation index is a kind of bibliographic index, an index of citations between publications, allowing the user to easily establish which later documents cite which earlier documents. … Legal citation indexes are found in the 18th century and were made popular by citators such as Shepard’s Citations (1873).

Who has the highest h-index?

Drexel Materials Professor Yury Gogotsi, PhD, whose research as founder and director of the A.J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute and member of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has opened new possibilities for the application of nanomaterials, has received an h-index value of 100 from Google Scholar …

Is it author then page number?

MLA format follows the author-page method of in-text citation. This means that the author’s last name and the page number(s) from which the quotation or paraphrase is taken must appear in the text, and a complete reference should appear on your Works Cited page.

What is citation count?

Citation Count sums the citations received to date in the data source. Sometimes Citation Counts will be displayed in a table with years – the years are always the year in which the output was published and do not refer to the year in which the citation was received. …

Why are my citations not showing up on Google Scholar?

If one of your articles was cited by a journal article that is not indexed by Google Scholar, the citation will not appear in your google scholar account. The only solution is to legally add the cited article to a shared repository accessed by google scholar such as researchgate.

Why do Google Scholar citations go down?

Google scholar will drop citations obtained from articles whose hosting websites no longer exist, and sometimes will remove erratic self-citation. Also, some authors do not use consistent name formats, which means a citation that belongs to another author might be attributed to you.

How do I determine my h-index?

The h-index is a measure of the number of publications published (productivity), as well as how often they are cited. h-index = the number of publications with a citation number greater than or equal to h. For example, 15 publications cited 15 times or more, is a h-index of 15.

How do I find my Scopus h-index?

  1. Use the link to the left or Find Database in the Finna Portal to find Scopus.
  2. Choose the author search tab.
  3. Write the author’s last name and the first letter in the first name in different fields.
  4. Pick the right person from the author list. …
  5. The h-index for the person appears in the author data.

How do I find my h-index and i10 Index?

hi -index is based on the set of the scientist’s most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. i10-Index = the number of publications with at least 10 citations. It is really vip question.

What is the difference between Times cited and cited references in this database?

The Times Cited link that appears on the Results, Full Record, and Cited References pages takes you to a Citing Articles page for the product database that you are currently searching. … The link takes you to the All Databases Citing Articles page. Access to records is limited to your institution’s subscription.

How do you cite a reference example?

Using In-text Citation APA in-text citation style uses the author’s last name and the year of publication, for example: (Field, 2005). For direct quotations, include the page number as well, for example: (Field, 2005, p. 14).

How do I find research papers on Google?

  1. Go to Google Scholar, enter the article title, and click Search: …
  2. If available, your article should appear as one of the first few results:
  3. If you click an article’s title, you may be taken to a publisher’s site that will ask you to pay for full text.

How many citations should a dissertation have?

The longer the assignment, the greater the number of references required. As a general rule, there should be between 8 – 12 references for every 1,000 words.

What is the average number of citations per paper?

In December 2015, nearly two thirds of the articles published in 2015 had 0 or 1 citation, with 1.75 citations per paper on average.

What percentage of a research paper should be cited?

This may not be an instance of plagiarism, but is there any appropriate volume of citation that is allowed for a review paper? Answer: For an original article, the literature review should roughly be around 15-20 percent of the length of the article.

What is the difference between cited and sited?

Cite is to quote or refer to something. It is commonly used in academic settings. Site is a place or location that you can visit.

How do you pronounce this word cited?

Break ‘cited’ down into sounds: [SYT] + [ID] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What does cited mean in law?

A citation (or cite) in legal terminology is a reference to a specific legal source, such as a constitution, a statute, a reported case, a treatise, or a law review article. A standard citation includes first the volume number, then the title of the source, (usually abbreviated) and lastly, a page or section number.

Who is the most cited author of all time?

From 1972 to 1992, Professor Chomsky was cited 7,449 times in the Social Science Citation Index-likely the greatest number of times for a living person there as well, although the research into those numbers isn’t complete. In addition, from 1974 to 1992 he was cited 1,619 times in the Science Citation Index.

What is a good H score?

What is a Good h-Index? Hirsch reckons that after 20 years of research, an h-index of 20 is good, 40 is outstanding, and 60 is truly exceptional. In his paper, Hirsch shows that successful scientists do, indeed, have high h-indices: 84% of Nobel prize winners in physics, for example, had an h-index of at least 30.

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