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Does goodwill recycle Christmas lights?

The nonprofit accepts donations of Christmas lights, functional or not, for the purpose of recycling. “People might not realize that donating old light strands benefits local communities and the earth,” said Julie Fletcher, Goodwill Marketing & Community Relations Manager.

Regarding this, where can I recycle Christmas string lights?

In some years, Home Depot will even offer gift cards to customers that bring their old lights in to recycle.

  • Lowe’s Recycling Center Locator (local stores, city recycling, and private waste management)
  • Earth 911 (mail-in and website recycling programs)

Subsequently, question is, where can I recycle non working Christmas lights? Ways to recycle old Christmas lights

  • Contact your city’s municipal solid waste office. Many will recycle the lights if you drop them off, so give a call and ask.
  • Ship your old lights to Holiday LEDS Recycling.
  • Drop off your lights at MOM’s Organic Markets.
  • Mail your lights to Christmas Light Source.
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Furthermore, does Lowes recycle old Christmas lights?

Lowe’s will take your old Christmas lights. Lowe’s will take those old Christmas lights off your hands, recycling the components. The home improvement store has a recycling station set up near the store entrance as a drop off site.

Will goodwill take Christmas decorations?

Games, toys and dolls. House wares – dishes, glassware, kitchen utensils, lamps and small appliances. Knickknacks (giftware) Seasonal decorations (Christmas, Easter and Halloween, etc.)

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