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Can you walk in and buy edible arrangements?

Can you walk in and buy edible arrangements?

With our seven-minute pickup options, you can order a beautiful fruit arrangement online and stop by your local Edible® store to pick it up – just seven minutes later!

What is Edible Arrangements free birthday gift?

FREE Birthday Gift from Edible Arrangements. Sign up for Edible Arrangements Rewards Program and get a FREE 12-ct chocolate Dipped Fruit box during your birthday month. As a member you’ll also receive surprise and delight offers, speedy checkout and so much more!

Do you tip edible arrangement drivers?

It is not necessary to tip Edible Arrangements drivers, but you can do so if you would like to show your appreciation for their service.

Does Edible Arrangements leave at door?

For residential deliveries, Edible Arrangements may leave the gift at the front door if the recipient is not home. For non-residential deliveries, the delivery person may leave the gift with the front desk, security, or receptionist with instructions to refrigerate immediately.

How long does Edible Arrangements last in fridge?

Fresh fruit and chocolate-covered fruit arrangements and boxes are best enjoyed right away. If not possible, keep your arrangement refrigerated and in the original wrapping until you can eat it, preferably within 24 hours of receipt.

How do I know if my edible arrangement was delivered?

You can sign in to your Edible Arrangements account to find the status of your order, or contact customer service for assistance.

How does Edible Arrangements keep fruit from browning?

Edible Arrangements does not use dry ice, wax, or preservatives to keep the fruit fresh. To ensure freshness, the arrangements are made to order and delivered in refrigerated trucks from one of Edible Arrangements’ 1200-plus store locations.

How do you store chocolate covered strawberries the next day?

To store chocolate-covered strawberries, cover them in wax paper and place them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Ideally, they should be consumed within 48 hours.

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