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Are old playbills worth anything?

Are old playbills worth anything?

Besides the sentimental value of owning a Playbill of a show you’ve seen or cherish, on eBay Playbills often have objective value as collector’s items. Old Playbills for sale of cancelled shows (like the Heathers Playbill) – Once a show has been cancelled, its now-vintage Playbills tend to immediately go up in value.

How much does Playbill cost?

You will need to generate a PDF of your online Playbill. Playbill charges a $70.00 trademark licensing fee (new price as of April 8, 2019).

When was the first Playbill printed?


Categories Theatre
First issue 1884; New Series 1982
Company TotalTheater
Country United States
Based in New York City

Are Nick and Nigel bottom real?

Neither have Nick and Nigel Bottom. At Broadway’s St. James Theatre, both have finally done it—the only difference being that the Kirkpatricks are real and the Bottoms, to be sure, are not.

Should I keep old playbills?

Valuable Historic Playbills A common collector’s item for theatre enthusiasts, playbills are a great way to keep a little piece of history in your home and, depending on the play and actors involved, they can be worth a fair bit of money as well.

Can you sell old playbills?

re: value of older playbills? You can sell it individually, by lots of 5’s, 10’s or sell it as a whole package. Playbill sells mint condition opening night’s for $10.

How do you get free playbills?

Simply asking for a signed playbill (or unsigned) and including another return envelope is an easy way to get playbills. Often times however, the show will ask you to donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids (BC/EFA) if you’re asked to do this, I would because the charity is very deserving.

What is inside of a playbill?

Typically, the playbill will thank the actors, choreographers, the director and co-director, the playwrights, the venue which has hosted the performances, and the rehearsal space.

What are playbills called?

playbill Add to list Share. The little booklet you get when you go to the theater is called a playbill. A playbill usually includes a list of the cast and production crew. You can also call a playbill a program. At most theaters in the U.S., playbills are handed out to everyone in the audience as they enter.

How old is Nigel bottom?

Nigel Bottom- Male, mid 20’s to 30’s. Nick’s younger brother.

Is Something Rotten child appropriate?

“Something Rotten!” is appropriate for audiences eight years and older. Parents may wish to do additional research before taking their younger children.

Why do people keep playbills?

In many ways, Playbills emerged as social media stars out of necessity. It’s the best way to share a live experience that, unlike concerts and sports events, largely outlaws photos.

Are playbills free?

Playbills are provided free of charge and are funded by the advertisements inside which means there are a lot of adverts within the thin booklet. The positive thing about Broadway’s playbills is that it gives the chance for all audience members to find out who is on stage.

How do you get Playbills?

What’s the difference between playbill and Showbill?

On Broadway, Playbill pays the theatres for the privilege of having its Playbills handed out, as the advertisers value the Broadway audience. A Stagebill is generally used outside New York, for a commercial job — when a theatre pays Playbill to print its program.

Are playbills copyrighted?

Playbill prints programs for theatres nationwide, but not all of them have the trademark Playbill at the top. Some are called Stagebill, On Stage or Showbill. Stagebill, in fact, used to be a separate company, but when it went out of business, Playbill assumed its trademark.

Who is Nick Bottom in Something Rotten?

Characters and cast

Character Original Broadway Cast (2015) US National Tour (2017-18)
Nick Bottom Brian d’Arcy James Rob McClure
William Shakespeare Christian Borle Adam Pascal
Nigel Bottom John Cariani Josh Grisetti
Bea Heidi Blickenstaff Maggie Lakis

Who is snug in Something Rotten?

André Ward
André Ward, whose Broadway credits include Rock of Ages and Xanadu, assumes the roles of Minstrel/Snug in the ten-time Tony Award-nominated musical comedy Something Rotten!

Is Cats appropriate for an 8 year old?

It’s also important to note that the movie is rated PG due to rude and suggestive humor as well as a some mild violence. While the new movie might not be appropriate for little kids, Common Sense Media notes it’s probably OK for kids 10 years old and up, so parents should still check it out.

Is Dreamgirls appropriate for a 10 year old?

One of the Best Movies I Have Ever Seen! Dreamgirls is about a group of singers called the Dreamettes, whose names are Deena, Lorrell and Effie (the lead). There is some shooting in this movie, and some swearing, and some use of drugs, so you may not want kids under 9 to see it.

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